Saturday, January 8, 2011

Duck Eggs- day 8

Duck eggs are my ABSOLUTE favorite to bake with! I cherish them in the winter because it is the only season of the year I get them. The rest of the time the hens are either sitting on a nest of eggs for hatching or they are free ranging at the pond. They don't seem to be as ritualistic as chickens laying in the same spot. They are real good at hiding their eggs.
The shells are like 100 times thicker then a chicken's egg
(slight exaggeration on my part but you get my point)
Not like a chicken egg. If you have hens you know the deal. You slip it in your pocket, accidentally lean against something and you have a pocket full of yokey nastiness. Do you know how many times I have done that?
I have lost track. Even did it once at the kids school.
Waiting for them to get out, stuck my hand in my pocket and you know it.
I learn lessons hard and slowly.

Have you ever baked with duck eggs?
You must try just once. The only way to describe the end result is "fluffier".


Anonymous said...

Yes, I bake with duck eggs and love them. I raise Khaki Campbells because they lay an egg a day. I am averaging 340 eggs a year per Khaki Campbell. You will find doing some research that they were developed for this reason. They are a Heritage breed.
They Khaki Campbell duck egg is the size of a jumbo chicken egg and the taste is most like a chicken egg compared to other duck eggs. I have had many people try the campbell duck egg that did not like the taste of duck eggs and they loved them.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

a pocket full of yokey nastiness.
I've lost count too.

Country Girl said...

Barbara we have 3 Khaki's. They just love the pond so from ice out until ice in that is where they are. If we kept them penned we'd be all set. Might have some babies this summer because we got a drake this fall.
Joanna, glad I'm not the only

Anonymous said...

We always enjoyed duck eggs here when we had our Khaki Campbells. Our Muscovies never did well penned up so we never really used their eggs much.


Sue said...

So funny about the pocket eggs. I found an egg in my pocket while out at a movie with my husband. Thank goodness it was still in tact!

Ali said...

I have never even seen a duck egg up close. I must try to get hold of some and give them a whirl. How lovely they must be.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, how I miss my duck eggs! I miss my ducks! We'll have some again in another year or so, once we are set up RIGHT for them... but how I miss those wonderful eggs!

Katie said...

I have never had duck eggs. But we're hoping to move here this year onto a few acres (if we can find it in our price range!) and I'd love a few ducks. I'll keep the Khaki's in mind :)

Darren (Green Change) said...

We've got Indian Runner ducks (very comical-looking!), and love cooking with the eggs.

They seem to hold structure better, so cakes trap more air bubbles and stay fluffier. Merigues and pavlovas hold their structure better, too, and don't crack or collapse as they cool.

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I think they're best in baked goods because of the significantly larger yolk, which has much higher cholesterol and fat. Such a rich flavor and chewier texture.