Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birds of a Feather Flock Together ~ day 16

Maine Man has his Ducks in a Row! ;)
Ha.....the morning after MM processed all the drakes but 1 he found this sight in the barn.
All the Muscovies were high up on a beam out of reach from MM.
They wanted NO part of the Merry-Go-Round aka Chicken Plucker.
Couple FUN facts about MM's Chicken Plucker Post
  • It is the #1 visited post of this blog
  • Yesterday out of 339 visitors to this site 75 of them were checking out that post
  • Since he posted that in Jun 09' it has been viewed 9,409 times

Impressive, huh? I give him the spotlight just twice and he steals the His other post that is quite popular is a how to skin a pig.

Stolen picture from a friend that I gave a duck too, too pretty not to post. MM processed 11 ducks, we gave 2 away and we've eaten 1 so far. We all enjoyed, I think it tastes similar to roast beef. Not something you'd eat every week but good for a change.


Unknown said...

I am a city girl who moved to the country, although we keep ducks, sheep, chickens.. keeping them as pets has actually made me darn near a vegetarian. In some ways i have to admire those who can eat the animals they raised. I feel like a hypocrite eating other animals but not my own -thus "a near vegetarian"

Anonymous said...

We have eaten our Muscovies before and I have eaten it at a restaurant in a hotel as well. We don't eat much meat anymore since becoming pretty much vegetarians though.


jo said...

it looks delicious! my husband & i also viewed MM post...really helpful :)

Country Girl said...

KA, If I had to do the duty we'd probably be vegetarians as well.
GP, I've never had from a restaurant, bet it was good.
Jo, glad the post was helpful!

Sudipta Das said...

I used to live in village few years ago, and I know the taste of these birds, they are delicious. we used to have a Greenhouses

REPuckett said...

Now that looks DELICIOUS! 8^}~