Saturday, February 21, 2015

In the Moment


I often think about things I’d love to blog about, a project I am doing, a good recipe share, cool projects my boy is working on, my life enthralling thought of the day…yet it often never materializes.  Life is busy and although I find this space to be therapeutic it is just not one of those life sustaining tasks I must complete, kinda like folding socks.  Not happening as of lately!

A couple weeks back I was sipping some of Maine Man’s homemade brew with a friend and she said, “I know what your can blog about, do a post on some of the struggles you’ve had lately, how life isn’t always grand, about being stuck in the sandwich generation.”

After she left I thought she is right, it is a post so many could relate to.  She too has her struggles while raising four young children in addition to  managing the care of her two ailing parents.


MM & I have been care- taking to some degree now for well over 4 years.  Started with some neighbors and now we are managing the care of a few close relatives in addition to raising our children, working, and tending this  small farm with the never ending to-do list.

It is no place you even envision yourself especially when you are young.  I alway pictured us raising our children then helping our parents as they advance in their age.  NOT!  If there is one thing I have learned in life is that LIFE will never go as you have planned!   But some how you have to learn to roll with it and have faith that everything will work out eventually despite the hardships and struggles you go through along the way.


Now more then ever I find myself more present in the moment.  Not in everything I do but most noticeably when doing chores.  I was just telling my Dad last night that I use to despise housework for a good many years, in particular dishes and laundry.   Now I find it therapeutic.  Weird, but true!  Just something about the rhythmic, repetitive nature of it.  The zone time to think and process all that life has in store for you.


I have no doubt that someday I will look back at it all and have no regrets for the sacrifices we have made to help others but regardless there are a good many days I struggle to keep my sanity.  Life is not without challenges and in these trying times is when we do our most significant personal reflection and spiritual growth.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Perception is your reality


If there is one thing I cannot stand it is negativity!  Shit, I bitch here and there about stuff but not right steady.  And generally when I have issues my wheels are always turning to formulate a plan to fix the problem.
Tonight into tomorrow we have more snow coming.  The shelves in the local supermarkets have been cleared clean of bread and milk and people just can’t stop complaining about the fact we are getting more snow.  Ummm…it’s winter in MAINE…WTF?  Yes we have had a lot lately but we didn’t have shit in December & January if I recall.  No matter how much white stuff we have Spring is still quickly approaching.  We are bound to have warmer days ahead!
Country Boy recently hatched out some chicks, although a bit too early for those little tweeters, their existence always gives you a glimmer of hope. The wood pile is getting low so that to proves that things are about to change or we are going to freeze….lol.  It won’t be long and we will be gathering our tapping supplies and boiling down sap.  Stocking our shelves with natures liquid gold.
So in effort to keep a positive light I may dig through my photo archives and share some summertime photos.   But I might sneak one winter post in for my Florida friends as proof.  Maine Man just started a batch of his famous “hard tea” so I foresee a post coming real soon on that too.  So stay tuned we are still kicking in this neck of the woods…..