Monday, January 13, 2014

A Share...

For the last couple months I have been reading a blog written by Ben Hewitt from Vermont.  He writes regularly about their self-sufficient lifestyle, his thoughts of the world, and about their boys.  He posts random pictures of his boys along with his stories.  He also writes for Taproot magazine which I also subscribe to.

On so many levels I enjoy his writings.  I can relate to many of his posts although we are not near as hard-core as they.  He has authored three books and last night I ordered two of them on Amazon, Saved and The Town That Food Saved.  Have you read any on his books?  Looking forward to the my next snail mail package delivery.  Good incentive to finish the two books I am currently reading!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Putting a Face to your food


Post a picture of your kids cute little bunny of facebook and you get a like a million likes.  Post a picture of a side of beef and those that truly appreciate the term “know your farmer” like your post.  The rest think your nuts.  Meat comes in a package from the supermarket, right?  It doesn’t have a face, fuzzy fur and who the hell kills and processes them in their backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t. I just find it ironic how we, as a culture struggle with something that is a part of our everyday life.  I too would probably be closer to being a vegetarian if I had to do the kill and processing.  Maybe not but I can guarantee I would eat a heck of a lot less meat.
On the eve of Christmas Eve I came home to a cow hanging in the shed.  Still with the hide in place and his big ole black lashes.  I admit I was a bit taken back. Maine Man had been talking about it for a while but now it was reality.
A week later MM and one of his friends spent the day in the barn cutting it up.  As you can see Country Boy helped out.  My girl and I also spent some time packaging the meat.
Not many people would dare take on such a task.  One of the many reasons why I love him.IMG_8144r
My freezers are FULL…steaks, hamburg, roasts, stew meat, and above is a brine he made up in effort to make corned beef.  Clever little fellow isn’t he?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Out with the OLD in with the NEW


Every year I usually set a few goals for the year.  Most times I complete those goals but the one that is always on the list year after year is to loose a few pounds.  Imagine that?  Ha I’m not a big girl just always have a little junk here and there I’d like to get rid of.  That’s been the case for about 10 years…lol.  I have managed to consistently work out since July and I’m feeling pretty good so I guess this year it will be to just stay at it and not give up no matter what!  It SO easy to put your own needs aside and do for everyone else.  I had a bit of a revelation several months back and I have been much better at putting Momma first despite what anyone says.  I have had my struggles and had to be a hard ass from time to time but in the end it all worked out.  A couple more goals for the new year are to take my camera out more and work at taking better pictures and share them.  This year I kinda sucked at that therefore I really sucked out at blogging.  Can’t blog without good pictures to go along, right?  I only posted 36 post this year normally posting 100 or more….loser!  I am going into my 7th year of blogging and well I guess I just fell off the deep end.  We will see if I can spice it up again.  I do like sharing some of our shenanigans, it serves as a great resource for me to look back on recipes and how-to’s, and it is a scrap book for sort for my kids in years to come.  Travel is my last goal of the new year.   I want to go on a family vacation, something we have never really done before.  I will stick with this minimal list in effort to be successful with my resolutions.  What are your goals for the new year?