Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rainy Day

This morning, in the pouring rain we went out to this event meeting Regina & family from Sea2Shore blog once again. Due to the weather we only stayed a couple hours. There were a few speakers I would have liked to stay and heard but we were literally soaked from head to toe despite our rain gear. However, we had the opportunity to listen to a couple who raised Alpine goats. I enjoyed their talk and learned some good stuff about goat rearing, shelter, feeding, and maintenance.
One interesting fact that I learned, goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world.
Did you know that? I went to the farmer's market last week in hopes to buy some but the goat lady did not have any left. I hear it tastes like deer and cow. John would like to raise Boer goats. I can eat my own turkeys, and chickens, and maybe if we get some meat bunnies but I'm not sure if I could eat my goats? I cannot even imagine munching Annabelle and Oreo. It is a fine line and you have to make that decision before you bring the animal onto your farm, pet or supper?

Cray fish the kids caught in their bait trap. They are going fishing in the morning and I'm sure they'll catch a big one using these!

Trying to stay dry! This storage bin is now our goaties outside shelter. I wanted to get the goats a large dog igloo to put in their pen but instead John flipped this bin over onto a piece of plywood, cut out a door, and there we have it. A free & recycled goat house...savings of $125!

Pretty flowers I cut off a tree out front. Of course I do not know what they are, imagine that! Thanks to all of your flower identification knowledge so far I know we have Magnolias, Quaker Ladies, and Columbines here on the farm. What might this be?

My boy picked me some wild Irises, how sweet!

I've yet to plant the sweet potatoes, maybe tomorrow. Anyone ever grow them before? I've read they grow as a vine.

We ended the night with an old movie, Richer or Poorer.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Salute to World Georaphy

This week we had the opportunity to go to a play at Luke's school. The kids each represented an an area of the world including continents, oceans, rivers, deserts, and mountains. Luke spoke of the dessert his line was "I'm from Australia sometimes I'm called the Outback the second largest in the world, that's me." They also sang a few songs. I caught one on tape below, if you have a chance please listen to what these kids had to say. I was very touched by the message they sent to us parents.

Some of the words in the song if you were not able to make it all out.

Still people go on closing their eyes.
Everything we do today will change our tomorrow and maybe when kids lead the way the whole world will follow. One by one, by one, by one.
We can change the earth together.
One by one, by one, by one.
We can keep her safe forever.
One by one, by one, by one.
The children everywhere.
One by one, by one, by one.
Now is the time to show the world we care.

People say we are only children.
People say why should we try.
Don't you see we are the future, why now we are depending on you.
Everything we do today can change our tomorrow and maybe when kids lead the way the whole world will follow and one by one, by one, by one we can change the earth together.

Very impressive tune and play!

Earlier that day John & I went on Leah's field trip at L.C Bates pond and museum. This is always a popular destination for kids and adults alike. Some of the kids caught a horned pout (cat fish) in the pond which was a rare find I think.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Simple Living

I can honestly say that these are some of the best times of our lives! When people ask how things are going, how are the kids I have nothing but good to say. I sometimes worry that life is too good and fear that something will happen and taint this awesome life we've been living. Even before we bought this place I didn't have many complaints about our daily lives but here on the farm it just seems so much better, our lives are so fulfilled. The connection with mother nature is on such a larger scale in so many ways.
In my twenties and my earlier days there was so much I took for granted, so much I thought I knew but really hadn't a clue. I am glad that I have finally come to realize what is important in life...the simple things. "It is the things in life that are free that matter most", John always use to say to me. For so long I was striving to make more money and have more material possessions until some time of soul searching passed and I had that ... uh huh moment. Looking back I realized John had been telling me these things all along but I just wasn't listening close enough. I had my own agenda, striving for big things and he was along for the ride although he thought some of my aspirations were a bit on the wild side. My friend Mary spoke once of John and referred to him as "an old soul". To this day I have always thought that statement was right on. Since we were young John has always known what kind of life he wanted to live, simple. He never cared what others thought, he lead his own path in life. He is an amazing hubby and daddy, we are fortunate to have him in our lives!

When I was mowing I came across this by the duck pond. One lonely wild asparagus spear.
I had heard of wild asparagus but never seen it until yesterday. My neighbor gave us some fresh asparagus last week and when I came home from work one night John said, "Kim, I have a confession to make." I could not even imagine what he was going to say and he says, "I ate all the asparagus Gary & Dawn gave us." I was quite entertained by his "confession". That's ok John cause Gary snuck me some the other day and it was really tasty. In 3 years we'll be picking our own, I cannot wait!

I had thought I had scared him off from going knee deep in the pond. Last week I thought he had swimmer's itch. Turns out I was wrong because the next morning he was fine, I think it was the cleaning soap John used before he took a bath..oops, misdiagnosed by worse then the time I accidentally cut both sides of the stitch that was in his upper lip leaving it there permanently...good least it was my own kid.

Check out the size of him (or her?)

Anyone know what this flower may be?

Last note, me and some friends have started a group blog titled Fit4Life with a focus of exercise & healthy eating. Anyone interested in being a participant let me know and send me your e-mail address and I will give you more detail.

Check us out:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend Adventures

This is my niece, Jillian. As you can see she was enjoying her meal as we all did. Saturday night the kids & I (John had to work the weekend) went to my big brother Stevie's for a BBQ along with my step Mom, Carole and my step sister, Sue. I had not seen Sue in years although she lives only a couple towns over. She looked great recently loosing 70lbs by doing weight watcher's and going to the gym. That is impressive! We had a wonderful visit and food too thanks to Joni who always prepares a great feed and a pleasure to visit with.

My step-mom, she is very dear to me!

Ain't she cunning!

On Sunday morning the kids and I headed out to the Windsor Fair Grounds for a poultry & chicken show and look who we met....

Regina from Sea2Shore's blog, very exciting!! When I started blogging in March I never thought about the friendships that would become. Regina's is just as sweet in person as she is on-line and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to meet! We already have another event lined up for next weekend, a farm day presented by Maine Organic Farmer's Association.

This girl was running/jumping around the fairgrounds on these super bouncy stilts. It was crazy to watch.

Cool plate...I guess for us goat people. I loved it because that is what I call my little babes. They have been on the naughty side lately escaping from their night time pen. They overstayed their welcome in the shed and are soon to be spending their nights in the barn. I talked to a man at the show that raises Nigerian dwarf milking goats and I asked about their milk production and he said depending on the doe he gets 1 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of milk per day. I am looking forward to that..endless possibilities...drinking, cooking, cheese, soap.

Leah took a picture of Regina's girls. They were very sweet and quiet, compared to the little girl I am use to! I must say Leah is sweet though... she gave them all a hug when we parted our ways.

Leah with one of the Nubians. If we were to get another breed of goats this would be my next choice. I love their ears.

As we were heading out of the fairgrounds there were some people lined up selling chickens & ducks along with a tailgate sale. I noticed this in the back of a pick-up truck and I inquired, to my surprise I bought it for $2, beats Walmart's pricing and free of charge a mouse nest was included. (I've been wanting one of these- a bit of elbow grease and it will be all good)
I also bought a large box of canning jars for $2. That is a bargain compared to the prices I've looked at recently for jars.

For fun and excitement the kids and I lawn sailed ourselves back to the house. We had a blast and the kids added to their teddy bear collection by at least 6 along with a few other little goodies. Here is a few of our finds.

plastic fencing .50
not sure what we will use it for but I'm sure we will eventually
use it for something (my laptop doesn't have a cent symbol, what is up with that?)
car stands $5

I am not much of a bumper sticker gal but I like this one. The kids picked it out at the show and we applied to the mini-van that I swore I'd never own but now love.

The kids cut down literally a portion of my tree yesterday. I was for sure it was Leah's doings but I was wrong it was actually Luke, Leah was just his accomplice. After the initial shock of a very large branch filled with these beauties came walking through the door I forgave and filled lots of vases. My house has never smelled so good! My mother-in-law mentioned that people make bath products etc. using Lilac, it had never even crossed my mind, what a good idea! Any of you ever make anything with Lilacs other than awesome bouquets? I wonder about soaps as I hope to be making some next summer after we start milking Annabelle.

This evening Luke and I took the are old swing out of the barn, we had it for a gazillion years bound and determined to get another year out of it despite the pillows splitting at the seams. We cleaned it up with some fabric cleaner and now I just need to have John help me get the top screwed on as it was missing a few pieces I think from after a wind storm last year.

Caught in action. Hanging off my swing...hello this isn't the monkey bars!

What fun would it be if we were always good? Were you always good Mom when you were a kid? Well, yes of course!

Lastly, a quick thanks to Kim from John's work that identified the flowers in my "Tour of the Path" blog. They are Quaker-ladies. Love the name too. Thanks again.
Well it is way to late, glad I can sleep in tomorrow! Good night! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Smell is Sweet

The lilacs are almost in full bloom. If you could only smell this picture. On the front lawn we have a white and purple lilac. If any of you Mainers want a plant I have plenty of babies below the bushes. Free for the taking.

After school today we took out the BB guns

And we shot at might be a red neck if...

Your mother tries to out shoot you and your only 7

I think I was having more fun than him. You should have seen me when I hit a can. We have tried clay pigeons before with shotguns and I didn't hit a one but I can hit a still object. I will probably never shot a deer as they are usually on the move.

We planted corn that we had started. I cannot wait for fresh corn. Earlier today I went to the farmer's market and they had all kinds of goodies. I bought a loaf of Italian bread from an Amish Gent and his daughter, it was the best homemade bread I've ever tasted!

Check out our Cornish X Rocks (broilers), they are 3 weeks old and boy have they grown!

Their feathers are growing in. We kept 25 and sold the rest (175) and we are still getting calls.

Here's the turkeys. We are sold out of them too. We are only keeping 6.

This morning John and I went for a walk out back and naturally I brought my camera. This is a old campsite we discovered on our land last summer. Some teens intermittently occupied it last year but have not returned yet...we are hoping they do not. Because they had an unsafe fire in the pit last year with logs way over the rock borders. It would be devastating if our woods burned. We are assuming these are somebodies parents tools that were left behind.

A makeshift toilet???

And a hammock...The End! Good night ya'll!