Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Nurse's Week

I know what some of you are blog and nurses week how does that go together? Well this is a farm & family blog and I consider the people I work with to be part of the family. Considering that John and I are both nurses along with many of my very best friends I thought what the heck I'll torture some of my co-workers today and bring my camera in to work and write a quick blip tonight. They look quite distraught don't they? I announced a photo shot at 2pm. A couple of my co-workers were whining, yes I am talking about you Elaine, but before you know it we had at least half the ER crew posing and having a good ole' time! I work in 3 different ER's and oh yeah 1 college health center, all per diem working 20-36 hours per week depending on what I might be scheming to buy next. Some think I'm nuts but I think I am just ADD, self diagnosed, actually it just fits my personality. I love to float around and have great fun with my co-workers. I have tried working in other areas in nursing such as critical care and college health but I have always returned to the ED, I guess it is my passion... adrenaline junkie some might say. The people I work with are an amazing bunch! Working in the ED can be very stress full and we take things seriously but on our down times we love to have a little else could we survive? Here's a couple funnies for all you nurses, cheers to us! :)

"You Might Be a Nurse If..."

*You can drink a pot of coffee and still go to sleep in the morning.

*You believe every patient needs TLC: Thorazine, Lorazapam, and Compazine.

*Your sense of humor seems to get more warped each year.

*You think it is acceptable to use "penis" and "vagina" in a normal conversation.

*You believe the definition of stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven´t fallen asleep yet.

*You believe that if warm wine enemas were routinely ordered, patient complaints would greatly decrease.

*You hope there´s a special place in Hell for the inventor of the call light.

*You see stress as a normal way of life.

*You have a tendency to laugh at your patient´s "big" problems.

*You believe the problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

*Everything only happens all at once.

*You´ve ever been telling work stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw-up.

*You notice that you use more four-letter words now than before you became a nurse.

*You believe all bleeding stops...eventually.

*You don´t get excited about blood loss unless it´s your own.

*You don´t hit patients or doctors....unless absolutely necessary.

*You refer to motorcyclists as organ donors.

*You believe Tylenol, Advil, or Excedrin provides a large part of your daily calorie intake requirements.

*You´ve ever held a 14-gauge needle over someone´s vein and said, "Now your going to feel a little stick."

*You can identify the "PID Shuffle" and the "Kidney Stone Squirm" at 15 feet.

*You´ve ever had a patient with a nose ring, a brow ring and twelve earrings say, "I´m afraid of shots."

*You think the ultimate cruel joke is get someone drunk, take them to the ER and tell them he OD´d on "some kind of pills."

*You automatically multiply by three the number of drinks a patient claims to have daily.

*You can keep a straight face when a patient responds, "Just two beers."

*You stare at someone in utter disbelief when they actually cover their mouth to cough.

*You have encouraged obnoxious patients to sign out AMA.

*You believe the government should require a permit to reproduce.

*Your most common assessment question at 2 a.m. is "Why is this an emergency now?"

*You don´t believe 90% of what you´re told, and 75% of what you see.

*You´ve ever had a patient look you dead in the eye and say, "I don´t know how that got stuck in there."


Amy said...

Cute pictures! I had to send that to my mom, who's a surg. tech.

Peggy said...

Love your post and photos! I am a retired Lab Tech but worked as a EMT for short period. Too stressful for me. Couldn't leave work at work and seemed to think about it all the time at home. ER nurses are very special in my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Nurses Week to you both! My baby sis is an RN in Labor & Delivery. Thanks for all you do!

Carrie Ponte, RN, LNC said...

We tire of farm animals..... more pics of the lovely nurses...pulease.
Just-a-kiddin. Love you and your blog!!!

Carrie Cat from the ED