Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Smell is Sweet

The lilacs are almost in full bloom. If you could only smell this picture. On the front lawn we have a white and purple lilac. If any of you Mainers want a plant I have plenty of babies below the bushes. Free for the taking.

After school today we took out the BB guns

And we shot at might be a red neck if...

Your mother tries to out shoot you and your only 7

I think I was having more fun than him. You should have seen me when I hit a can. We have tried clay pigeons before with shotguns and I didn't hit a one but I can hit a still object. I will probably never shot a deer as they are usually on the move.

We planted corn that we had started. I cannot wait for fresh corn. Earlier today I went to the farmer's market and they had all kinds of goodies. I bought a loaf of Italian bread from an Amish Gent and his daughter, it was the best homemade bread I've ever tasted!

Check out our Cornish X Rocks (broilers), they are 3 weeks old and boy have they grown!

Their feathers are growing in. We kept 25 and sold the rest (175) and we are still getting calls.

Here's the turkeys. We are sold out of them too. We are only keeping 6.

This morning John and I went for a walk out back and naturally I brought my camera. This is a old campsite we discovered on our land last summer. Some teens intermittently occupied it last year but have not returned yet...we are hoping they do not. Because they had an unsafe fire in the pit last year with logs way over the rock borders. It would be devastating if our woods burned. We are assuming these are somebodies parents tools that were left behind.

A makeshift toilet???

And a hammock...The End! Good night ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,
I can smell the lilacs through the computer! I love the smell they give out. Very pretty:)

You look like you had a blast trying to out shoot your boy there mama;) HA HA
All that matters is that he out shot his dad?

Interesting campsite they had there. John don't mind the hammock though;) Mine wouldn't either. I bought two chair hammocks in Nicaragua a few months ago and we still don't have a place to hang them here. One day soon!
Have a great weekend

More than Survival said...

What GREAT pictures!!! I love that you are shooting with your son.... We all love to shoot, too. We all have our own bows... every one of us, even the 3 year old!! We MUST be rednecks!! LOL!!!
Any way, I so enjoyed the pictures of your place I wanted to invite you to participate in "Tour Tuesday". I host it every tuesday... PLEASE join us, I know that readers would love to see your place!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a bit of target practice to bring out the competitor in us all! It's nice that you can do that together. Your broilers are HUGE! My layers are now the size of bantams. Your woods are very peaceful looking. And who can beat a free hammock?

Anonymous said...

Josh and I found spots like this all over the place when we lived in Washington (state). I thought that there were some very adventurous teens about when Josh explained that there were "tent people" living in the woods all over Washington. He lived there several years before I moved there from Virginia. I'd never heard of tent people but they are apparently quite common. I wonder if that isn't the past camp of a tent person. Hmmm?

Blessings to you!

Don said...

What a great day! smelling lilacs, shooting BB guns, life is great.

My broilers look about like yours, what a bunch of fatties! Are you going to butcher any out as Cornish Game Hens?

Robbyn said...

Oh, those lilacs!!! We can't grow them down here in Florida, so I'll live vicariously through your pics...I'm behind on my computer time and just now having time to go through your posts...such wonderful, wonderful pictures of family times!