Saturday, May 3, 2008

Raising your own

We received a shipment of Cornish Rocks. This is our first experience with meat birds. Like I have said in previous posts my goal is to get to the point that we are raising a good deal of what were are eating...we have a long ways to go! We bought 200 and have already sold 60 and someone is buying 100 sometime this week. We plan to keep about 20 to freeze. As you can see these chicks are very cute. When I went out to see them I could not believe how cute they were even compared to layer chicks. Their bright yellow color reminds me of the classic chicks you see around Easter time. A couple interesting facts on these creatures, they are ready to harvest at 6-8 weeks of age. Another FYI is for the first 5 days of their life you have feed available for their consumption around the clock but at day 5 of their life you take their feed away for 12 hours per night continuing this "minor feed restriction" program until the time of slaughter. Failure to follow these feeding guidelines may result in "heart attacks". Sudden death syndrome or "flip" as it is sometimes called can result because of the very rapid growth of the Broiler chicks. I'm glad John read up on that valuable piece of info.
We have had fun this Spring selling chicks. Not that we are making a killing, but our birds and some of their feed is paid for. We have met some interesting people, everyone has a different story to tell and if you listen closely there is a lot to learn from others. I look forward to starting our garden stand for that simple reason, I love people and think it will be a lot of fun to be involved in the production of our communities food supply. Today my neighbor told me was looking forward to having the convenience of getting farm fresh veggies just by crossing the street. I am excited to get it up and running and wonder how it will all work out. Turkeys and Pigs are the next potentials on the farm.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are doing great on the sale of chickens! How are the kids doing on the worms? We just got two pigs on the farm on Friday. I am not sure what type they are but I do know that they are a crossbreed supposedly. We are also suppose to be getting a couple of turkeys and geese. We are wanting to have some turkeys on our farm so it's gonna be nice having some learning experience on them beforehand. Glad to hear all is well on Achorn Farms:) Have a great and soggy weekend;)

Country Girl said...

The kids have sold 15 dozen to date. They have paid off their goat debt and now are chipping away at the cash they owe me for their 4 wheeler. We raised pigs & turkeys long ago so I am looking forward to doing again. We cannot keep up with the pen building, especially with this soggy weather. :( Have a nice weekend!

Don said...

Did you buy 200 chicks and are you selling the chicks, or are you pre-selling butchered chickens?

I am getting 25 of the cornish rocks this week to raise and put in the freezer. I saw that bit about taking their feed away so they don't eat like (Americans) and keel over from clogged arteries.

Country Girl said...

We bought the chicks as day olds and we sell them right after they arrive as chicks not butchered. John picked them up at the post office on Friday and we already have 160 sold. We will keep 20 for our own consumption.