Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Suggestions Welcomed!

We took a walk on the back forty. We had a few obstacles but we both made it back dry, thanks to hiking boots! Take a look at the prints below and guess what they are, one of them is easy. We explore out back frequently but I never take my camera because I don't like to tote it around but this time I did and I must say it opens a whole new arena for photography...exciting!
I am confident that the more I take the better I'll get.

On to another you've already figured out I go from one thing to another. Sometimes it drives John nuts although I think for the most part he is use to it. He'll say "hold up I am 3 topics did you get to this subject." Busy mind or ADD?? That is one of the reasons I do not like watching tv, I channel surf continuously until I cannot stand myself. Moving on..this weekend we are having our annual birthday party for the kids, their birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart so we do a family gathering with a few friends. In past years we have done the pirate theme, Hawaiian party etc. but this year naturally our theme is "down on the farm". What I want/need from you all is some suggestions for our party. I have the red checkered tablecloths, 1 cool chicken tablecloth, canning jars for drinking containers (as previously seen on the unusually unusual farm chicks blog), clear pitcher for lemonade/ice tea, my soon to be farm stand (wooden one with wheels) for presents and such, overalls, fresh cut flowers in vases. Please if you have more ideas, something I can pull off by Sunday including cake designs (simple but cool), recipes, decorations, game for the kids. I thought about doing an egg treasure hunt with clues getting harder and harder as the age of the child goes up with the kids all getting a small gift certificate to the local book store rather then goodie bags. It will be mostly cousins and the ages range. Last year we let the kids have a bunch of friends over and it was crazy, I about had an MI (heart attack) keeping track of all the heathens. We have too many danger spots 2 ponds, close to the road, so this year we are keeping it simple.
Busy couple days at work! Good night :)


Amy said...

I don't have a clue what that first footprint is. My first impression was that it looks like someone stuck a frog in the mud!

Your birthday party sounds great. I don't think you're missing a thing...except you need about 26 chicks running around to liven things up a bit. I'll bring mine right over!

goatgirl said...

How about a straw search for the kids. Where you spread straw out and hide things in it for the kids to find. I have had lots of scavenger hunts where the kids have to find things on the list. I put things on it like a stick shaped like an L or a round rock, a flower etc. I put something hard on it to keep them looking. It costs nothing and they love it. You could have a farm theme to it.

John Theberge said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed it. From the photos you posted it looks like you have turkeys on your back forty along with deer.

Anonymous said...

Love goatgirls suggestion:)
The second footprint looks like a moose maybe? It's too big to be a deer. The first one looks like a bird footprint, but it looks to big for turkey? Not sure

On the party suggestions, for the cake you could always do a simple dirt cake where you take and crumble chocolate cookies on the top and then go to wally world or another similar store and buy a tractor in the toy section. They also sell those little plastic playsets (indians, soldiers and farm animals that come with fencing) that you could scatter around somehow. It's simple and still farmy;)

We took blue and red bandanas and made streamers out of them for my brother in laws ranch wedding. We just tied them together and hung them across things. You could make a Straw bale picture spot if you have any. I will email you a photo of a suggestion. The kids loved playing on them at the Spring Celebration we had. Those are a couple of ideas. I love to decorate!

The theme sounds like fun! Have a great time with it. Happy B-Day to both kiddo's again.

Country Girl said...

Thanks for all your suggestions, they were helpful!

Country Girl said...

I forgot to say the foot prints are a deer and turkey, John Theberge was correct!