Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend Adventures

This is my niece, Jillian. As you can see she was enjoying her meal as we all did. Saturday night the kids & I (John had to work the weekend) went to my big brother Stevie's for a BBQ along with my step Mom, Carole and my step sister, Sue. I had not seen Sue in years although she lives only a couple towns over. She looked great recently loosing 70lbs by doing weight watcher's and going to the gym. That is impressive! We had a wonderful visit and food too thanks to Joni who always prepares a great feed and a pleasure to visit with.

My step-mom, she is very dear to me!

Ain't she cunning!

On Sunday morning the kids and I headed out to the Windsor Fair Grounds for a poultry & chicken show and look who we met....

Regina from Sea2Shore's blog, very exciting!! When I started blogging in March I never thought about the friendships that would become. Regina's is just as sweet in person as she is on-line and I am grateful that we had the opportunity to meet! We already have another event lined up for next weekend, a farm day presented by Maine Organic Farmer's Association.

This girl was running/jumping around the fairgrounds on these super bouncy stilts. It was crazy to watch.

Cool plate...I guess for us goat people. I loved it because that is what I call my little babes. They have been on the naughty side lately escaping from their night time pen. They overstayed their welcome in the shed and are soon to be spending their nights in the barn. I talked to a man at the show that raises Nigerian dwarf milking goats and I asked about their milk production and he said depending on the doe he gets 1 1/2 quarts to 1 gallon of milk per day. I am looking forward to that..endless possibilities...drinking, cooking, cheese, soap.

Leah took a picture of Regina's girls. They were very sweet and quiet, compared to the little girl I am use to! I must say Leah is sweet though... she gave them all a hug when we parted our ways.

Leah with one of the Nubians. If we were to get another breed of goats this would be my next choice. I love their ears.

As we were heading out of the fairgrounds there were some people lined up selling chickens & ducks along with a tailgate sale. I noticed this in the back of a pick-up truck and I inquired, to my surprise I bought it for $2, beats Walmart's pricing and free of charge a mouse nest was included. (I've been wanting one of these- a bit of elbow grease and it will be all good)
I also bought a large box of canning jars for $2. That is a bargain compared to the prices I've looked at recently for jars.

For fun and excitement the kids and I lawn sailed ourselves back to the house. We had a blast and the kids added to their teddy bear collection by at least 6 along with a few other little goodies. Here is a few of our finds.

plastic fencing .50
not sure what we will use it for but I'm sure we will eventually
use it for something (my laptop doesn't have a cent symbol, what is up with that?)
car stands $5

I am not much of a bumper sticker gal but I like this one. The kids picked it out at the show and we applied to the mini-van that I swore I'd never own but now love.

The kids cut down literally a portion of my tree yesterday. I was for sure it was Leah's doings but I was wrong it was actually Luke, Leah was just his accomplice. After the initial shock of a very large branch filled with these beauties came walking through the door I forgave and filled lots of vases. My house has never smelled so good! My mother-in-law mentioned that people make bath products etc. using Lilac, it had never even crossed my mind, what a good idea! Any of you ever make anything with Lilacs other than awesome bouquets? I wonder about soaps as I hope to be making some next summer after we start milking Annabelle.

This evening Luke and I took the are old swing out of the barn, we had it for a gazillion years bound and determined to get another year out of it despite the pillows splitting at the seams. We cleaned it up with some fabric cleaner and now I just need to have John help me get the top screwed on as it was missing a few pieces I think from after a wind storm last year.

Caught in action. Hanging off my swing...hello this isn't the monkey bars!

What fun would it be if we were always good? Were you always good Mom when you were a kid? Well, yes of course!

Lastly, a quick thanks to Kim from John's work that identified the flowers in my "Tour of the Path" blog. They are Quaker-ladies. Love the name too. Thanks again.
Well it is way to late, glad I can sleep in tomorrow! Good night! :)


Anonymous said...

I love goats! I would have kissed them all if I could have gone to that event. And I can almost smell the lilacs in your house!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kim,
Thanks for all your kind and sweet words about our family. We are happy to have met other nature loving, laid back people here:) We enjoyed our time with you. I thought Luke and Leah were very sweet! Leah and Kay actually have alot more in common then you think. Kay just takes a bit to warm up to people, but then, look out! HA
Your neice Jillian is adorable! It's great to have family around on weekends like this.
We bought two bumper stickers too, you will see them soon.
We are off to visit the farm today..and BBQ tonight. Talk soon

Don said...

I love to see goats, but am not sure I want goats, We had a couple of them years ago and all they wanted to do was escape and stand on my car. Tell me they are great and easy!

You did a nice job with pictures to show the great time you all had.

Paula said...

Great pictures, Kim! How lucky for you that you got to meet Regina in person!
I too want some Nubians... my Dad raised them when I was little and they were always so sweet!
I love that bumper sticker too! tee hee