Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Furry & The Feathered

Our newest addition Basil or Bullet, depends who your asking.

Above is Louie and one of his gals. All together we have 3 Khaki Cambells. They spend 3/4 of the year at the pond and winters in the barn. The only nice thing about keeping them cooped up is their delicious eggs which I LOVE to bake with!

I adore our Muscovies although at the moment we have too darn many of them. We will keep three hens & a drake through the winter. They forage so much food for themselves, they are pleasant to watch as the free roam throughout the barnyard. On a few occassions I've see people pulled watching them and not long ago a lady stopped and was taking pictures. They are SUPER Mommas. Remember that post I did about the hen that hatched out 26 ducklings.
Their eggs are great for baking with too. We ate one of the Muscovies this summer. I thought it tasted similar to roastbeef, tasting nothing like any duck I've had in the past.

H1 & N1 out to pasture. They have are surrounded by electric fencing that is about 4-6 inches up from the ground and have yet to escape. By the beginning of January they will be replaced with 2 more piglets. Only one of these is ours and the other we are raising for a friend. We like to keep at least two of every animal here on our small farm.

Sir Loin is to the left and we are raising T-bone for another friend. He is actual going to be given to our old neighbors as a token of appreciation for saving for our childrens college funds since they were born.
In addition to the animals shown above we have 2 other cats, 2 dogs, and a dozen laying hens, and a mean rooster named Bob.


Anonymous said...

Your kitty looks like our kitten "Grey Puff"


Hickchick said...

I was curious about the ducks and the cold weather--they do okay? About the same as chickens?

gld said...

Loved the pictures of the animals.

We had ducks many years ago but just have chickens now.

I am still trying to talk my husband into a couple of pigs! It is not working so far. We used to raise hogs on a small scale (9 females/2 males)

Country Girl said...

HC, The chickens & ducks do ok in the col as long as they are out of the elements. We keep them in the barn all winter. For bedding we use hay and keep stacking fresh stuff and the lower levels decompose and throw off some heat as they do that.

Little Messy Missy said...

Love the pretty white ducks. I had Black Indian Walking ducks for several years until a raccoon ate them up one harsh winter. :0)

small farm girl said...

We always raise at least two of the animals that we have. They just do better. That was really nice of your neighbor to do that for the kids! You don't see neighbors like that anymore.

warren said...

Those names! Genius!