Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ordinary Days

I watched this video that was posted by friends on facebook tonight. I found it very touching! For those of you that know me personally know that I have struggled a bit with the transition Country Boy has made from age 9 to 10. I could so relate to much that was said in this video. You will as well if you have children of any age. I cried tears of joy and sadness all at the same time. Just the other night I was telling Maine Man that the hardest part of your children growing older is that you constantly have to reassess and make adjustments to how you parent your children. They don't have to change, you the parent has too! I think I also spouted off that I was headed to the library to get a parenting book to try and figure out how to handle this

On another note the kid above is not mine or anyone I know. Just snapped a picture of him at the Common Ground Fair a couple months back.

Almost time for New Years Resolutions.......anyone thinking that far ahead? Sorry I am a bit of a planner. Last year when I made my resolution of delivering a meal or a baked goodie once a week to some older folks down the way I had absolutely NO idea what the outcome would be! Little did I know that 1 year later I couldn't even imagine life without them! My old man friend holds a place in my heart like no other. He truly is one of the most involved and important people in my life. Blessed I am! So for this year I have a few things I'm pondering....loose a couple pounds is a yearlong battle so that is a given, no more cussing, to decrease my cell phone use while driving (never calling out.....want to set and example for my kids & be safe) and lastly to post 1 or more pictures a day on my blog for 365 days of 2011. What do you think.....little crazy? I think it will be fun, it will encourage me to take my camera out more and document the "ordinary days", and it will allow me to improve my photography and editing capabilities as they could use some more work. What are you pondering? Would love to hear!


warren said...

Just so you know...going from 9-10 nearly killed us too and I don't even know why. I have no idea of your circumstances but it was tough on us just because. He was changing so much and we weren't ready to. Anyhow, 10-11 is going very well now. We seemed to have settled in nicely (I hope). Keep up the good work!

Country Girl said...

Good to know I am not alone Warren! Hope is in our future ;)