Sunday, November 21, 2010

Loving Your Beef

I'll admit it. The cows are my FAVORITE animal here on our small farm. They do however have rankest breath of all...maybe because their at nose level ;)

I love almost everything about them including their sand paper tongues, warm fuzzy cheeks, moist nose & mouth, and the curls on top their heads.
Sir Loin is the first large livestock I ever handled & owned. I have enjoyed working with him, learning how to deal with such a large animal. He has taught me many lessons as I have taught him a few. I will miss him more than any chicken, rabbit, duck, or pig we've ever owned. Someday I'll have me have a dairy cow! One that I can bond with and tend throughout the years.


Jennifer said...

I know how bad a "cud burp" from the goats smell! I would love to have a dairy cow too someday. Not sure what we would do with that much milk but I would still like to have one.

gld said...

Yes, you need a dairy cow!

She will pay for herself many times over. Mine raises at least three calves a year (counting her own) and gives us all the milk we need.
I just milk her three times a week.

And she will stay with you a long, long time, unlike the Sir Loins!

Of course, we need those too. I just don't name them.

June said...

My little goat farmers have now set up a subtle campaign for a dairy cow. I don't know how we can fit another creature onto this little plot. Maybe if I mention the bad breath...?

Happy Thanksgiving from just down the road...

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

So handsome!