Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can't Hide My Pride

Country Boy shot his first deer this past Monday afternoon.

3 points, 140lbs

CB had a great 1st year of hunting.
So glad he has such a good Papa who teaches him everything he knows!
Next.....Spring turkey hunting. He asked for a beagle for Christmas for rabbit hunting but I cannot see that happening just yet...2 dogs are enough.

P.S Please excuse the photo quality. By the time they hauled the deer from the woods it was foggy and dark. Needless to say I struggled to get the pictures I did.


doglady said...

This is very cool. Nothing like that first deer. He will have soooo much pride in providing some of the meat his family eats this winter.

Judy T said...

Congrats to CB! What a great accomplishment.

gld said...

Our grandson just got his first rabbit on the last visit to the farm.

He was so proud. I took a series of pictures. He is just 10.

small farm girl said...

Good job! I would be proud of him too. lol

Jules said...

Congrats!! What a nice deer :))) You all must be so excited and proud...