Sunday, November 2, 2008

Local Resources

Since starting our adventure here and progressively growing and raising more of our own food I am amazed at the interest people have in this lifestyle. Many of my co-workers have expressed that they would prefer to buy from a farm rather than the supermarket. So the first site is for the locals and the other two are for all to peek at.

Here are a few great sites I have come across:

Maine State Conservation Center
This site links farmer's markets in your area and CSA farms.
It also has a section on alternative energy sources.

Eat Wild
Has a directory of pasture based farms in addition it
highlights the nutritional benefits
of eating grass fed products.
Great site I look forward to doing a bit more exploring here!
I believe this site is one of the ways
Nita at Trappers Creek markets her meat.

Here is a
recipe site I came on some of the links, you will be impressed! I plan to make the Strawberry White Chocolate Muffins tomorrow.

I have fallen behind on reading blogs, promise to catch up this week. Goodnight! :)


Anonymous said...

Good night to you Kim!

Paula said...

Thanks for the tips to the sites, Kim! I love checking out stuff like that... it's so interesting to see how farmers and livestock owners in other parts of the country are making their farms profitable.
The recipe sounds yummy.

Don said...

Thank you for the informative sites. i love reading this stuff. The problem is that I want to get a cow, and pigs, and ducks, and goats, and, etc!!