Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I Love My Munchkins!

Cat and Fencer

We went into I-party, they had a $20 limit for each of them. I told them to think outside the box. Don't buy a kit. Be original or unique and we left spending $10 total, I was pleased!
Leah is original being a kitty, excuse the paint job I messed with it several times before leaving the house because somebody couldn't keep her paws off. Luke, I'd say unique! He received many compliments for his costume.

I love that our children... are genuinely happy individuals

I love that our children...are conscious of others when they make decisions.

I love that our children...are content to just be together as a family.

I love that our children...are imaginative, self entertaining, resourceful, appreciative, and independent.
(Most days)

Recent Conversations/Situations

~Me: "Look around at the coats, if you do not see something you like we can go to other stores."
~Luke: "I like this one! How much is it? (Looks at tag) It is $25, if it is too much I don't have to get it."

~Luke: "The only thing I want for Christmas is a guitar, you don't have to buy me anything else."

~Luke and Leah over the weekend set up a "candy store" for John and I to purchase our fixes. Nicely laid out on their desk. Today I walk over to the temptations and I see the closed sign is up.

~Over the weekend we had lobster for dinner ($3.99/lb) the kids were so delighted you would have thought they just got an X-box or something.

Sorry for the brag is not always peaches and cream!


Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! It's always nice to brag once in awhile Kim.

Anonymous said...

I thouht Luke was a beekeeper at first. I was really excited. A fencer is pretty good in my book too though...but next year, he should be a beekeeper!

Very well done by both kids!

clown princess said...

Hi Kim, Sounds like you've got conscientious, creative and all around great kids so you have every right to be proud and brag now and then. You must be raising them right!

Country Chick said...

Very good looking costumes! It is nice to recap and reflect on them isn't it!?

Linda said...

I Really love their costumes!!Pretty creative! The candy store & the closed sign REALLY made my chuckle!!!

GreyWolf said...

Brag them up!!! I know I would.
You've got a great family there.
Hang on to all of these precious memories.
Loved the candy store idea. Smart kids.

frugalmom said...

Great kids! You gotta love all the great things they do and say. They grow up so quickly. In the moment there are times when it seems like it is going pretty slow, but we cant let that fool us!

I thought he was a beekeeper at first, too! The costumes are great.

goatgirl said...

It's ok to brag...they are great kids! What cute costumes. Enjoy every day. They grow up way to fast:(

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Your kids are beautiful, and just a reflection of you and John.

You have earned your bragging rights! :)

Don said...

Great costumes and kids!

$3.99 per pound of lobster!! Was it live?

I love Maine. We took our kids there when they were in middle school and our son had a lobster dinner every day! Needless to say, he loves it. He is playing his guitar on a Princess Cruise for the next 6 months, and is enjoying Monday Seafood Fests at the buffet!

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

They are just so lovely!

I'm so happy for you Kim that you have such great munchkins! Bravo to the parents! said...

I love the costumes and the quotes!!!

I thought Luke was a beekeeper, too and then I realized -- oh, a fencer!


citygirl said...

They are great kids raised by two of my favorite people...brag on! You get what you give is what I say!

You definitely have some industrious kids...maximizing the candy profits! Did you see the piece on the news this morning about a hospital paying kids for their candy by the pound! I hope they are getting fair value!

sugarcreekstuff said...

It is only impolite to brag about your kids to someone who is going through difficulty with theirs.

Your kids are adorable and you sound like a proud mama.

Farmchick said...

Candy store was closed...that's cute!!!

I love lobster! Hope you are having a great day...we have a snow day here. (see my blog)

VisionaryRN said...

Wow! Every time I read your blog, I realize the best way to have a positive impact on the kids is to be with them. I realize I need to be home more now! I wish my kids were not so spoiled. My fault, I know...but it is not too late to change...never too late.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics, and wonderful lucky girl!!

ps....can you follow me now? now? how 'bout now? teheee! I've had a few new followers the last two days, so try it, you might be able to now. I know blogger's been having some issues with it.

Paula said...

Love those costumes!! They did great on their budget!!
It's okay to brag- your kids are something to brag about!