Monday, November 17, 2008

Change of Season

Winter is sneaking upon us and this darn time change is a drag! I find by 4pm I am racing around to get my night time chores done so I do not have to do them via flashlight. John is in the process of wiring the shed and the barn, there is hope. We have been here for 2 years come January but we still have SO much to do! When we bought the farm it was literally most peoples worst nightmare. For us it was our ONLY chance of getting some of the things we wanted: lots of land, a farm house, barn, and couple farm ponds. The bathroom was 4 walls, 2 windows, and a tub, and that IS IT! No sink, no toilet. John, my brother Steve, and a hired friend had to sheetrock the ENTIRE house: 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, halls, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. Followed by LOTS of mudding, sanding, and painting. They laid birch flooring through most of the downstairs and did lots of plumbing and electrical work. Most of that was done in one month prior to us moving in when John was on school break. We could have never accomplished such an INSANE goal if it hadn't been for all the HARD work and LONG hours STEVE and JOHN put in and from the help of our friends. THANK YOU again Steve...I know you are one of my faithful SILENT (only on-line) readers.
Although we are always puting around on a recent task I must complete is painting the wood room's floor, I painted the walls barn yard red and I LOVE it!
Next is TRIM and half walls for my kitchen. John swears to me it will be done by the holidays and I am assuming Christmas because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is NO site of pine boards and polyurethane. I figure if I get this in writing he may accomplish this....I swear it is ALL I want for Christmas!!!!
I am afraid until John gets a deer My Maine Man WILL NOT put on his carpenter belt. So PLEASE send out some good vibes, cyber prayers, ANYTHING so this Great White Hunter can Get er' done because I WANT my HUSBAND BACK and of course a little finish work. :)

Boy, I really got side tracked, that's the ADD kickin' in. Back to this darn time change.... After chores, dinner, helping the kids with their homework I am just about done for the night. Ready to cuddle up in bed with a book, my lap top, and well of course, My Maine Man. I must stop the madness because I have lots of projects, gifts to make, etc. and there are not many more days left.

Real soon I will have a post on making earrings , constructing a wreath, and making a no-sew blanket. I will also have my 1st GIVEAWAY so stay tuned. I promise you all the projects are REAL easy, there is no Martha living here on the farm!

Rock painting anyone? This kept the kids entertained for hours while I made my first time ever pumpkin puree that my blogging friend Angie posted about here. Silly me never knew that you could cook any pumpkin. I always thought they had to be special baking pumpkins.


sugarcreekstuff said...

A love of fabric remnants, ADD, hating the time change, we sure have a lot in common.
We haven't had luck this hunting season either.

Anonymous said...

Yep, winter has snuck up on us here too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim:

Sounds like you guys are coming along good on your dream. I wished you didn't live so far away from me, I would love to give you a hand with the wiring, and maybe the plumbing, as that is a lot of what I do down here every day. Our trees here on the Gulf Coast are changing the colors of the leaves now, with the amount of light getting shorter every day. Not the same dramatic change of the season as you get, but is still is nice to see. Take care!

Paula said...

Love the first picture- everything looks so... frosty!!

Anonymous said...

We're into winter now too...our first snow came last night. My winter depression begins!

Juri said...

I don't like the time change goats certainly did not change their clocks and it takes weeks for them to get used to it, calling me to come feed them an hour earlier every evening. And, you are right, you race through the evening chores, trying to beat the darkness!!!


Erica said...

You guys sure have done a lot of work to your home, but it's so worth it!

I have to admit also, I never knew you could bake any pumpkin til about about 6 months ago either. I always bought the "Pie Pumpkins" because, understand! HAHA :)

GreyWolf said...

change of season??? should be Dear Hunting Widow's Lament. Yes winter is upon us in all of it's splendor. I hope your hubby gets that buck soon so he can finish your room in time.
When you get a chance stop at my blogsite and pick up your award.

Danni said...

Boy, do I ever know the "running around with a flashlight" routine. Our property is so hilly, I'm constantly slipping and tripping over things...snorting and mumbling under my breath..I probably sound like a mad moose. Hope I don't get shot by some wandering hunter. Where'd you say your man was right now? :-)

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

I love the rock painting. Very cute.

I like the change of season but not the time change. Get home from work and it's dark.

Country Chick said...

Hey, I know what you mean about running around like a chicken with it's head off doing the chores and then make dinner, help kids with homework, baths, story time, etc etc etc... by that time i am too pooped out to do anything other than sit in front of this computer and read a few blogs before i hit the hay with my main squeeze too! LOL Take care and try not to get too overwhelmed, what ever we don't do today WILL wait for tomorrow right!

Oh, and about the hunting... thinking good thoughts for you and you better be doing the same for me cause we don't have ANY other freezer space over here!

ren said...

in our province we have a lot of chicken too.

Country Girl said...