Friday, April 25, 2008

Wild things

Luke is keeping a snake log, he is up to 6 live catches. There are several snakes found in Maine. For the most
part there are no poisonous snakes in this state although there has been a rare siting of the Timbler Rattler which is poisonous.
The top pictures are a Garder Snake, it had a hold of Luke and drew some blood until he changed his ways of handling this wild little creature.
Below in Luke's hands are two baby Milk Snakes.

Long day at work...Have a great weekend all!

Forgot to mention, John ordered 200 Cornish Rocks! They will be in at the end of next week. We will keep about 20 for ourselves and sell the rest. This will be a first for us, do not look forward to plucking time but they will be good eats I bet.
Also the pool I ordered came in the mail today via UPS. A 24 foot above ground pool in 16 boxes...yikes! John is less then impressed with his endless honey do list...joking he is a sport putting up with my mania! The kids & I will help him get it up and we may be able to rope our neighbors into it as well. We had the same size pool at our old house and it was standing when we left 7 years after we put it up so I have hope for this one lasting a few years. Last year to get us by I bought one of the large blow-up pools. Not this year, I picked up several extra shifts to pay for this one. The kids and I like to stay home most of the time and with the rising costs of EVERYTHING we might as well be having a good time in our own backyard!
Ok goodnight...really this time!


Therese said...

Those are some awesome pictures... catching snakes is so much fun; go Luke!

Amy said...

The snakes are really neat! How nice that Luke is learning so much about them. A pool in 16 boxes? Better you than me! Have fun putting it all together!

Country Girl said...

Nice to hear from you Tessa- we will miss you at the kids party this year...hope your having fun at school. We will post is on May 18th this year.

Amy, Luke thinks snakes are cool. I keep my distance. The pool won't be as bad 2nd time around putting one up.Thank God for my handy man!

Anonymous said...

The boys love the snakes. We had a HUGE milk snake under our barn a few years back. It was scarry!

Will, Joey, and Emu