Monday, April 28, 2008

Life Time License

We bought Leah her Lifetime hunting, fishing, and archery license. My Dad went half with me on it, it was $400. Money well spent as the kids will never have to purchase one of these licenses. We did the same for Luke just before his 6th birthday.
We are excited that the kids have this lifelong opportunity to enjoy traditional outdoor activities.


Anonymous said...

Great pic!! I'm not sure what's bigger, the fish or her smile!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great catch! Good deal on the lifetime license too:) I am sure she will be putting it to use quite a bit.

VisionaryRN said...

Wow Leah! Nice one!!! Must have been a workout reeling that one in!!

Amy said...

Wow! It looks like she'll get lots of use out of her license. Nice fish!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That fish looks tasty! We love fresh-caught fish here.


Country Girl said...

Thanks for all your feedback.
We are really excited that we were able to do this for the kids!