Sunday, April 6, 2008

Signs of life

We had a great weekend! Yesterday we picked up the shavings. 4 -55 gallon bags at no cost...yeah I love a deal and he was open to bartering for eggs this summer. After that we went to the library and took out some books. The book I am reading now is The Manual of Practical Homesteading by John Vivian. I will post my thoughts on this book after I get a little deeper into it. They also had last years magazines for sale so I bought 24 magazines for $1, how exciting...I'll be reading about Martha Stewart's projects for months to come.
Saturday evening we went to our friend, Miki's for a birthday party...big 34! We had a good time! It was nice to see friends, we have not been out visiting since this summer.
Sunday we stayed home, my favorite place to be. Leah stayed busy painting, her favorite activity. Leah's Memere (my mom) has helped her a bit, she gives her mini lessons when she comes over. (Below are my daffodils - credits to old lady Achorn, she given us a gift that keeps giving)
We spent most of our day outside. So much work to do, where to start? I started by picking up a winters worth of snowman garments and then the Christmas tree went into the brush pile. Then I attacked the lilac bushes. There was 3 trees growing up into them and I wanted them down. John cut the first and then showed me how to run the chainsaw. I like to run equipment, the snow blower, rototiller, and I am the primary mower in this household but I have yet to touch the chainsaw. Honestly, I have a little fear of them. In the ER I have seen my share of chainsaw gashes and watching John run one is frightening! I can hear myself reciting what I will do when he cuts himself. Note I say when not if. I think ok... well I have my cell phone so 9-1-1 and apply pressure, and yes I have life insurance on him. Joking, but he does freak me out! Regardless he was protesting cutting down any more that the one tree so while he was out back dumping a load of brush I fired up the chainsaw and proceeded to cut the next one on my own. Yea ha, I was on a bit of a power trip for a moment...until I got the blade caught in the tree and the chain loosened. Oops, I did manage to complete the job but as always John had to do repairs on it. Any time I touch any piece of machinery John must repair it, I'm a little hard on equipment! Since John didn't take a picture of me running it I have a video from You Tube titled Chainsaw Mama Blues -- women with chainsaws

Below is a picture of our garlic, last fall was the first time we planted. Any experienced garlic gardeners? At what temperature can we remove the mulch?

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