Friday, April 18, 2008

What a Life

It reached a high of 73 degrees at our house today. Here in Maine it went from winter to summer in a two week stretch. No joke, a week ago I had my winter coat on and today I had a tank & shorts on.
John & I went for quite a walk today out back, we were out there for well over an hour. I am trying to understand the boundaries of our property, you see we don't have a clean cut square piece of property and I am geographically challenged.

This is a picture of one of our 3 cats, Annie. She is the Queen Mouser! She was at the pond and after I took the picture I noticed the reflection, isn't that cool.

The kids started school vacation today, YEAH for me and them, I am tired of running and will be happy to have them home. After school we went and picked up a kitty, they named her Smoky.

The kids played out at the pond until dusk, I had to call them in finally. Leah found the first frogs of the season by the pond under a rock. Luke identified them in his book as a Western Chorus Frog although I am not sure that we have them in Maine and we are not West but the description and look seemed to match? It said that they are the first frogs to call in the Spring, even before Spring peepers. Males call for approximately one week before the females come. During "amplexus" (when the male frog grasps a female with his front legs while she lays her eggs. At the same time, he fertilizes them with the fluid containing sperm) the female lays 500 - 1500 eggs.
Interesting facts...sorry about the under line, technical difficulties and it's too late to mess with! I cut & pasted a definition and that messed it up, that'll teach me!
Like Leah's get up, miss match pj 's and lady bug boots on the wrong feet :) that's my girl!

Ducks having been staying in the pond finally after a few chasings from John. I did not mind them coming back to the barn but apparently he did.


Don said...

Wow, a 200 year old farm in Maine. That is like a perfect world! I am looking forward to seeing your new chicks and how they fare in the north!

Country Girl said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. This was our first winter with chickens,our bantams and they did ok. They were in the barn and they were well fed with fresh warm water twice a day.

Troop 401 Blog Master said...

Smokey looks like our Mittens. Will says he's a fuzz brain.

Uncle Joey