Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not bad for a rainy day

It was suppose to rain but thankfully it held off. The thermometer said 50 but with the wind and intermittent sunshine it felt 30. Regardless with layers we were still able to enjoy a good part of the day. We decided to do a test run with the ducks to the pond. Leah carried Bam Bam who is bigger than her and I had a hold of Pebbles as we headed to the pond. Just before getting to the pond Bam Bam was accidentally freed after a little chasing we managed to get both into a big puddle just beside the pond. They had a blast. It was refreshing to see them diving into the water that they had not seen since fall. Below is a short clip. After we walked away they proceeded into the pond but within 10 minutes they headed for the barn and jumped into their pen which is quite a distance away. I am afraid they have found great security in the barn and this will probably be a reoccurring theme throughout the summer. We have had them since last summer and I have yet to find any eggs. They have been habitually working at making duckings over the last few weeks. I have read not enough daylight can be an issue. We also have quail and partridge that have not produced any eggs?? Lastly, I want you all to check out Down to Earths blog entry for her 60th birthday, it was a great read. We all can learn a bit form this lovely lady. Check it out
I hope you all had a great weekend...until next time!


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