Friday, May 23, 2014

The bread recipe everyone 5 of 30


Every time I cook this “no knead” bread for others I get asked for this recipe.  I’ve posted it a few times in the past but I have since had requests.  I added some Italian seasonings to the above loaf.  You can add just about whatever you want in addition to the 4 simple ingredients it is made of ….flour, salt, yeast, and water.  THAT’S it!!  A loaf like this costs about $5 at the farmer’s market….cost cents to make at home.  Click on this link to go to the recipe.  I promise you, it’s wicked easy to make!    Here is the first post I wrote about it in 2010.

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A.K.W. said...

My Mom has made this type of bread a couple of times.