Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cow Stalker....day 2 of 30


So there is this wild and crazy lady that stalks one of my cows.  She drives by my house frequently honking, yelling to him, taking pictures, and she even brings relatives from afar to visit him.  I don’t know her personally yet I love her, she makes me laugh.  We are friends on Facebook and in addition to that she seems to know just about everyone I know.  To protect her identity we will call her T. Maybe we should give her a nickname and she could be a regular character here on my blog….lol. This cow’s name is  Beefalo but she calls him Carl…she even has a Facebook album on him titled “The Adventures of Carl”  including  68 pictures of him and/or a miniature plastic Carl that travels on adventures with her.  Here are just a few pics I just stole from her FB page…..



The funniest thing she posted so far was her dancing in New York City with Carl to the song Happy.  Some day soon my crazy stalker cow friend and I will sit and have a frosty, cold, fruity beverage together and laugh!


Dragonfly Hill said...

I love this story !! I await the morning when I see a story about her viral utube video on Good Morning America !!

small farm girl said...

That's funny!!!! I love her already!