Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quirky & Best homemade all-purpose cleaner 7 of 30


Kinda weird but I can’t even start typing a post until I upload pictures to my post.  Even like in this case where the pictures don’t match the topic I’m covering.
I’m tired don’t feel much like posting, I’ll be honest.  Thinking I’d rather and will be in a moment watching some brainless, feel good show on Netflix.  I’ve had a productive eventful day trail running to kayaking, preparing food, even cleaned up one kids room a bit sorting through what is trash, pig food, and even discovering food that had already been composted. Yes still in her room!   Closed the other kid’s bedroom door and opened his window widely because of the raunchy stench coming from his incubator.  He had 3 geese hatch and never cleaned out the bottom and he has eggs in there due at a later date.  He is away for the weekend, how convenient.  Love my kids…have I mentioned that lately…REALITY, lol!


Speaking of cleaning, my intent was to make a brief post about my absolute favorite homemade all-purpose cleaner.  I’ve tried several recipes but this is my current favorite.  I like it for a couple reasons #1 it does a good job cleaning #2 it’s cheap and you probably have all the ingredients under your kitchen sink!

2 parts water
1 part vinegar
dash of dish soap ( I use dawn)
10-20 drops of essential oil (I use lemon)
You can buy a spray bottle for a couple bucks or repurpose one.

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Kate Bristow said...

Your dog is so cute! Hug it from me! And thank you for sharing! I was using only water and vinegar, but I'll try your mixture next time!