Saturday, May 24, 2014

WTH was I 6 of 30


24  more posts to go….WTH was I thinking? Clearly I was not!  lol
I started everything I needed from seed this year but I still have a burning desire to go  shopping at the greenhouse.  I don’t really need anything, maybe I’ll pick up a few flowers. 2 of the 3 gardens are mostly planted as of today.  MM says he doesn’t garden any more but he kindly tilled up the gardens and he put up some fencing, he also is not shy about telling me what I am doing incorrectly…..whatever!  He says I don’t take direction well.  He has a good point but I am who I am.  MM and my boy will plant the vine (cukes, squash, pumpkins and such) garden this week.  What I don’t grow I will pick up at the farmer’s market.  I will start going regularly as of this week.  I would much rather put $20 or more in to local farmers pockets then the grocery stores.  Not to mention the taste and I am sure the nutrition is far superior.  It’s a good goal for all, we are the peeps that need to create change!


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Dragonfly Hill said...

Ouuuu I can just smell the soil !! Laughed out loud about the greenhouse, its a haven of delight and peace, enjoy !