Friday, June 20, 2008

She's up to no good again!

Today was a crazy day in the ER. I worked out in triage for 12 hours. That is a long time sitting in a small room listening to patients ailments one after another. John called me in the midst of madness and this was our conversation.

John: Hi, where is the thread and needle?
Kim: I don't know, I'll have to call you back.
John: Ok, call me right back!
Kim: I will, bye!

15 minutes later...the phone rings in triage and I see it his him again so I pick up.

K: Hello
J: Where did you put the needle and thread, I saw you with it last!
K: I cannot remember, what needs to be sewn so urgently?
J: Callie (aka naughty dog) got a hold of two chickens and I can see the trachea on one, it's pretty bad.
K: Maybe you should take them out back and.....
J: I think I can save them!
K: I'll help you fix them when I get home, I'll call you back I am still with patients.
J: Sorry!

I apologized to the Mom & son I was with and they were looking at me funny so I briefly told them the scenario, although feeling badly about the injuries they were quite amused by our conversation.

John called my cell as I was leaving work to let me know that he had already sutured the chickens filleted necks. He said they just laid there and let him do it with needle and thread and then he applied neosporin.

What to do with the pesky dog that is always causing problems? As the picture above the hens have been jumping on there box them flying over for a brief escape from the pen. They've been doing this for a while now and she has never bothered a one.

John told me he'd kill me if I posted this picture but you have to have some fun and I thought it would be appropriate to post with this story. He not only sews up lacerated chicken necks but he can really sew. I am not very good, I have a sewing machine but my buddy Mary has borrowed it for the last 10 years or so. Anyway, I bought a Gap bag at a lawnsale and it had a small rip and handy dandy John sewed it up for me. Quite the man, ain't he! :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool ditch doc you're married to, Kim! I've stitched up my share of critters, too, over the years and it's kind of neat when you do it. I admire your dedication as an ER Nurse; you get everything thrown your way. I have been an ditch doc EMT-Basic) for 18 years up in my other life in Wisconsin, and am on temporary leave from my EMS Unit while I am down here on the Miss. Coast.

Don said...

I have been out of blogland while I wrote report cards and took a week-long grad class, so I had some catching up to do with you! Your gardens are awesome. I have a piddle little patch that is doing a great job of growing everything I planted plus a bumper crop of weeds. I haven't had any chicken casualities yet, but I'm not sure I could effectively sew them up.

I found an Amish family who will butcher, feather and completely clean my meat birds for $1.75 each. I am definitely doing that. I am taking them on Tuesday. Then I need to clean the coop. They creat a large amount of poo!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That dog of yours cracks me up Kim! Tell John there is nothing wrong with a man who can sew especially if the wife doesn't like too HA HA!

PIE said...

Ok so I am really jealous that your husband can/will do that! As smart as my husband is, I am pretty sure a needle and thread would constitute at least one trip to the pharmacy. I feel confident he would run himself through with the needle...although, stitching chickens he might find worthy enough of trying! LOL.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am very glad to have found yours, I am sure I will keep up with it, it is our dream to have a farm one of these days...(I am an Agriculture major!)

goatgirl said...

There is a great video of Cesar Milan training a dog to stay away from chickens. I think I saw it on Youtube. If you can't find it you can always stock up on more needles and thread:) I know, buy him his own sewing kit.

Mandie said...

You know, to be honest, my husband is the one who taught me how to sew. He knew how to thread my machine and all of the lingo on a pattern. It is pretty cool having such a handy man isn't it?!

Robbyn said...

My husband keeps some sewing supplies in an old Dutch Butter Cookies tin, and he repairs his pants and hems frequently. He's a pretty strapping fellow, and had to do his own repairs when he was in the Marines...but if your hubby is shy of a photo of him sewing, you can always refer to it as "fabric surgery" heehee...hey, sailmakers, surgeons, and fishermen had to "sew" things routinely, so it's not exactly just a girlie thing to do. Unless he's making ruffles for his deer hunting gear, ha! ;-)

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Perhaps your husband can apply to work at the ER! :)

Homestead said...

Hah! My dad is an excellent seamstress (seamster?) as well.... from his vet training.... it was interesting as a kid to have holes darned with surgical knots....

Country Girl said...

Thanks for all your comments!
John is quite the handy man!
Coastrat, I had never heard the term "ditch doc", my brother will appreciate that one he is an EMT-Basic too.
Don $1.75 is a great price, we called around and the average was about $3/bird, not counting the gas to get there!
Regina, we really miss you in blog world, wish you'd join us again!
Pie, I was happy to find your blog. I found it my clicking on Maine in my interests. I wanted to find some other Mainers with similar interests. I have already met one other blogger from Maine, she is a very sweet person that I never would have met had I not blog. I wish I had a degree in Agriculture!
Goat Girl, I need to check out that video because I do not want anything like that to happen again!
Mandie & Robbyn, it is great have hubbies that can sew isn't it. I am really impatient so I hand off my sewing jobs.
Yd's Ive tried to get him to work in the ED but so far it is a no go.
K, thanks for stopping in. That is great to have a Dad with vet training!