Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chicken Tractors

I was headed outside with rake in hand and she flew onto my hand.

Have you ever heard of a chicken tractor? All of our outdoor chicken pens are on wheels except the meat birds. Every 2-3 days we move them so the chickens have clean bedding, fresh greens to eat, very little odor or flies, and some super fertilizer for the lawn. Our meat birds have lightweight fencing & posts with a lean-to for shade and weather protection. We move that every couple day as well. It is a great system that saves us time and money and the birds seem to be content with it too.

Another beautiful site I can thank Mrs. Achorn for.

Our buddy Shawn moving our sand around for the pool

P.S A few posts back....that was Callie vs. Groundhog!


Anonymous said...
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Paula said...

Chicken tractors are the greatest! I keep my little bantams in one Hubby built- it's like a little condo. LOL
I thought that was a groundhog, but I wasn't sure!!

Mandie said...

We have a chicken tractor that my husband built. He used 2x4's so it is HEAVY!! Next time we will use cedar wood, much lighter. He had to end up building another house for an added chicken and he made it with cedar we had. It worked out great, the chickens love it. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love your blog. It is nice to meet other people with the same ideas in life. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

The chicken tractor is a good idea. I wish I had a medium sized one. Chickens are great ground workers and a chicken tractor would be handy for putting the feathered weeders where I want them to work!