Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Afternoon in Pictures

Can you guess what Naughty Dog is playing peek a boo with?'s time to play name that flower since I haven't a clue.

Do you remember when you use to be able to do this?

She has finally over come her fear

Wild strawberries, my favorite!


Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Naughty Dog is playing with what looks to be a woodchuck. I wish we could get ours cornered like that! Your flowering shrub looks like a Weigela. If you want more you can root cuttings from them in spring. I used to do cartwheels in the yard with my grandpa. He was my best friend growing up!

Anonymous said...

Those Strawberries looked pretty yummy! Pretty snake that she caught too:) No clue on the flower, it's not my area of expertise at all HA HA!
Have a good one Kim!

Mandie said...

We have a naughty cat! She got ahold of a baby bird yesterday. We kept pulling her away from it so the mama could come and get the baby. We finally pulled her inside. I haven't seen the baby yet. Poor thing!

Razor Family Farms said...

What great pictures! So bright and summery!


Tipper said...

Nothing tastes better than wild strawberries. I loved the tour of your house and gardens-very neat!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the woodchuck, too. good thing there is a mesh fence between it and Naughty Dog, or someone is liable to have a punctured nose or ear.