Tuesday, June 3, 2008

On the Water - Sunday part 1

Our first time out in the boat this season on a beautiful day. I am not much of a fisherman but John and the kids are. I bring along a book, play photographer, and worship the sun.

Leah has no fear of the crayfish. They used them as bait and crawlers. They stayed up late Saturday night "jacking worms" (Maine term) with their Dad. John said Luke does good spotting and picking them. They are fast little buggers. The crayfish were caught in the back pond with traps.

John and the kids caught several perch, they did not keep any this time around.

Always ready to pose for Momma

When we go out in the boat it has become tradition to make a pit stop onto an uninhabited island for some exploration, a pee break, a swim, and a moment of relaxation.

Neat...a tree growing out of a rock.

My favorite little man

Yikes, Mom this is cold!

I love just sitting back watching the kids interact with one another. It makes me thankful that we had them close together (23 mo. apart) because they truly are best friends.

My Muffin navigating the way.

Get a little closer...I know I can get a bite of that wave.

Almost there!Yes...finally!

Callie is quite a girl! How we acquired her...we were just getting ready to move here on the farm from 1 mile up the road and our soon to be neighbors (the kennel owners) had someone bring her in and asked if they could find her a good home. He was going through a divorce and had no time to care for her. Gary asked John and at that moment we became the new owners of one REALLY naughty dog! She was about 2 years old and hadn't any listening skills. Her biggest issue is that she would take off for hours. We tried everything and our new neighbors (right across the street) thought John was absolutely psycho when we first moved in because he was always screeching at her. Finally we resorted to buying her a shock collar which we used briefly & sparingly but that finally is what broke her. She has turned out to be an awesome dog, she is right full of energy but she has lots of room here to express herself. She is so wiped at the end of the day she head upstairs around 5:00pm and jumps into one of the kids beds, she also likes sleeping in. She gets up and goes up with whomever is up first (usually Luke or John) then she bolts back up the stairs into our bed for a couple more hours. (yes she is spoiled)


Anonymous said...

Looks Like fun! Glad they caught something with those crawdads:) The dog trying to bite the wave just made my day! Have a good one Kim!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say crayfish LOL! It's been a long day on my end.

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Sounds like a fun day for you guys. Callie is so funny trying to bite the wave!