Sunday, June 8, 2008

Critter Update

Just a brief update on the critters as I'm really tired! John put up the hammock he bought Luke for his birthday right between the two Maple trees on our front lawn. Great shady spot!
We did not do anything too exciting over the weekend. Mostly worked around the house mowing, laundry, working in the garden. We went visiting today and the kids had the chance to go swimming. The weather went from cold and rainy on Thursday, cold enough I would have lit up the stove if we had some wood cut, it was in the 90's + and humid over the weekend. Crazy Maine weather!

Critter update: The kids have caught 25 snakes to date, they sold a total of 39 dozen crawlers (they've kaboshed that little business adventure for now, just picking enough for our own fishing use)

All the animal are out of the barn except the quails and turkeys...soon they will be out. Don't miss cleaning pens right steady. Goats still come into the wood stove room at night. I am afraid something might get them out back at night. Sometime this summer we will get a stall in the barn set up, just not a priority now. We want to lay cement down and we already have the lumber.

Found a dead meat bird this morning, we suspect it was Callie (our German short-hair). Naughty dog!!! Funny thing is I was out mowing till 9pm tonight, after the kids went to bed and I literally could not see anymore because of the darkness (yes my neighbors think I am nuts).
As I was driving into the barn I saw a blackish object possibly the shape of a flattened chicken in front of me. I got off the mower went to touch it and....I decided no way. Ran and and grabbed the flashlight and it was a big clump a grass that had fallen off the mower deck when I drove out. You know it, I was steaming thinking Miss Naughty Dog had got to one of my layers. Thankfully she did not.

Lastly, Bob the rooster crowed for a first yesterday per John and the kids. I heard it this morning. Quite entertaining as he has not quite figured it out, I'll try and get it on video.


Amy said...

The grass clump story was cute! I can just imagine it reading your account. Knowing me, I'd have touched it!

The boys swear they've heard our barred rock Roo crow. I have yet to hear it myself. Any day now I suppose!

Luke looks very relaxed in his hammock. I need one of those too!

Nice update Kim, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good weekend working around the house. As hot as it was here yesterday I would have been mowing at 9pm also! The weather has gone wacko all over the country these days. Luke does look very content in that hammock:)
Glad the naughty dog wasn't so naughty this time:) Get some rest Kim

Anonymous said...

Isn't a little rooster man learning his crow the cutest thing ever? I love it! :) Great pic of Luke in the hammock, btw.