Saturday, January 5, 2013

“How to take care of my bunnies”

After a long, crazy day at work I arrived home to this typed note attached to the entry door.


1. On the floor you will see three water bottles please bring them out and put them in the water bottle holders.

2. Then after you have done step 1 please bring the bowls in the cages into the house and set them down where the water bottles were.

3. Please take the time to give the bunnies some greens such as broccoli and type of leave, cauliflower, and anything you can find.

4. Please don’t feed string beans, peas, and iceberg lettuce.

5. If they are low on hay throw some in.

6. If I am still not there in the morning please repeat this cycle but with the bows you put inside fill them with water and bring them out and take the water bottle in to unthaw

7. And if I am not there night once again the whole cycle starts over and please repeat it!

8. Thanks for reading my instructions please follow them as written thank you!

From Flower Girl the bunnies owner.

Handwritten below the typed note she wrote: “Love ya so much Mom & Dad See you later! P.S If you go to the store get $15 I Tunes!”

Crazy Girl……LOVE it! MM laughed and said “she is so your child.” LOL

P.S This isn’t my first time feeding bunnies FG!!


doglady said...

That is very cute. Are those Silver Fox or am I imagining silvering? I have my herd in my basement to avoid the frozen water problem.

GreyWolf said...

Maybe it would be easier to bring them in while she is gone. You could put them in her room since she isn't there.

rocking R rustics said...

"4. Please don’t feed string beans, peas, and iceberg lettuce" come? I know the rabbits in my yard love eating all my lettuce.

Country Girl said...

Ha not sure why...just what she wrote.