Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Christmas Surprise

After brunch Christmas day the kids, my niece, and I headed up country to surprise my Dad.  We rented a cabin just a few miles away from his house. The picture above was our front yard.

We stayed at Beaver Cove Camps.  The log cabin we stayed in was built in the early 1900′s, it was rustic, clean, and comfy.  It was PERFECT!  A place we will definitely return to.  The owners also accommodated us despite my last minute call for reservations.  That I am VERY thankful for!

The kids with their sweet cousin M.  We had a blast reminiscing and we laughed until tears. A trip we will forever remember!

After we unpacked our goods we headed towards my Dad’s house.  We parked on the camp road so they did not see or hear us coming.

We all snuck around the house……

…..and the kids peeped into their front window.  SURPRISE!!!  Our plan worked out perfectly as my dad and step-mom were sitting not far from the window.  We hung out for a few then we headed back to our cabin to eat dinner.

I cooked up a lobster feast, meanwhile my dad kicked butt at cards.  First he won candy from the kids and the next morning he won all our dollar bills.  He always creams us at cards yet we always return for more.

It was so much fun to surprise my parents with a visit.

It made for a very special Christmas for ALL!

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Robin said...

That's awesome! What a nice Christmas. My parents went to Disney World for Christmas so we'll be getting together with them again soon. Family matters! Great job on the surprise!