Saturday, December 22, 2012

Food for Thought…

Last night as I laid in bed I browsed through a copy of Organic Gardening & Farming magazine from back in February 1973. (60 cents a copy)   I have enjoyed reading it and below is a tid bit I’d like to share….

“The genuine horticulturist is not merely an organic gardener or farmer, he lives whole life in the organic manner.  The organic principles must be felt deep in one’s heart, and in everything he does.  It is not organic to grow a carrot organically, and to always eat it in the cooked form, or cooked with the addition of white sugar…..What would it be if a man eats dinner grown completely by organic method, and then he arises from the table to do an unkindness to a neighbor?”

“The organic way is the golden rule way.  It means that we must be kind to the soil, to ourselves and to our fellowman.  Organic means goodness.  A heart that is full of benevolence will create in the body a spirit of physical and mental well-being that will enable it to better absorb all the nutritional elements from organically-grown food.”

~J.L. Rodale


Unknown said...

Good food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing! It is good food for thought.