Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meat birds:~day 1

Just for fun!  30 days or so a picture a day with a few words or not.  Days may be missed on occasions.  I think I can…. Join along if you’d like.
Cornish Rocks- we raise them twice a year Spring & Fall.  Once you raise your own it is hard to go back to store bought chicken.  The kids and Maine Man do the final deed and the chicken plucker MM made and wrote about back in 2009 is still in action.  To this day that how-to is the number #1 visited post on this blog.  Especially lately, I think with the scary economy people are starting to rethink how they do things.  Home grown chickens make the best stock ever.  Here is my how-to post.  I just made a crock pot of fresh broth up  last night.  I’m thinking this cool, fall day would be perfect to fire up the cook-stove and make some soup!


Farmchick said...

Very true...once you have had your own chicken...nothing is quite the same.

Stop by and say hi. :)

Unknown said...

I agree; home raised spoil you! We raise 100 each year.

GreyWolf said...

we also raise Cornish-X for meat birds. This year we tried a Nutrena feed made just for meat chickens and had excellent results. They ate less and gained more weight than on our old Purina feed. Also the chickens had a lot less fat. When butchered at 6 weeks they averaged 4.75 lbs. as opposed to 8 weeks on Purina for same weight. We free ranged them during the day and free-fed commercial feed at night. The Nutrena feed cost a little more but they ate less so it was a lot more cost effective with better results. Also it can be fed right up to butcher and still have great tasting birds.

Country Girl said...

GW, I will have to show MM your comment.