Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good Ole’ Days

~ Notes from high school 20 + years ago stored in an old cigar box

~ 22 + years together, 17 years of marriage

~ An hour laughing until tears reminiscing as we read the notes he wrote me day after day from study hall.

~Immediate disposal before the munchkins have evidence against us ;)


Justine said...

I cant believe you burned them! Chris and I have all of our notes from high school and such hidden in memory boxes (shoe boxes)... I dont think I could ever part with them... just think how funny it would be to look back in another twenty years! Its nice to see people staying together as longs as you guys ;-)

rocking R rustics said...

Yeah I cant believe it either. Pretty lame reasoon to dispose of such fond memorys.

icebear said...


Country Girl said...

Ha.....If you read them you would understand why I burned them. I saved a couple good ones!