Friday, June 29, 2012

Meeting Donn Fendler

Last night the kids and I had the pleasure to meet Donn Fendler at a casting call for an upcoming movie.  The documentary,  Lost on a Mountain in Maine is based on a book that is well known to many Mainers.  It is true story about Donn Fendler who becomes lost on Mount Katahdin in 1939 when he was 12 years old.  He survives for 9 days without food, clean drinking water, or proper clothing.

He took his time talking with each child finding out what their interests and were and where they live.  Conversation came easy when CB expressed his love for fishing to him, something that is dear to his heart as well.  Donn talked of a recent fishing trip up to Kokajo which is just a couple miles beyond CB’s grandfather’s home.  One of CB’s favorite fishing destinations!

There were well over 100 children that came to audition.  Some were looking to play the role of Donn’s siblings but many of the young boys hoping to play Donn Fendler including CB.  FG would like to be Donn Fendler’s sister naturally.

Over the last couple weeks I have had several people mention to me that CB would be the “perfect fit” for this character (Donn Fendler).  It was the very last phone call I received that I  finally acted on.  He said “this movie has CB written all over it, you have to bring him.”

CB is not an actor but he truly fits the character of Donn Fendler and even resembles him as a child!  He is a county boy at heart (hence his cyber name), his comfort zone is in the woods.   He is passionate about hunting, fishing, and survivalism as many of you have read about in my blog over the last 4 years.

What a great experience it would be for him to reenact one of his childhood heros!


Rebecca said...

That is amazing!!! My husband loves that story and talks about it our girls every year when we climb Katahdin:)

small farm girl said...

Oh!!!! Good luck!!!!!

Unknown said...

What an amazing experience that would be! I hope they both get a part...

Country Girl said...

I hope they do too, they would be perfect!