Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet Child of Mine

Cat o’ Nine Tails….. in case your wondering.  As I scrolled through the pictures I took last week I came to this series of photos.  I had forgotten I had even taken these.  They put a smile on my face, it’s just so Flower Girl!  My sweet little free spirit.  You see I always say that Maine Man and Country Boy are a lot alike.  I believe they are both old souls.  As for FG & I,  we are also two peas in a pod.  I often think of the two of us as new spirits trying to figure our way through this thing we call life.

FG’s writing prompt this week:

Written verbatim:

One day when I woke up the earth looked as it had a soft white blanket covering it.  snow was gentely pelting to the ground….I stood staring at it for a while.  It was beautiful….just beautiful!  I could not stop staring at a sight like this!  So then I ran down stairs to see the frosty world!  First I put on my nice and cozy skipants, second I put on my extremly fluffy Black coat, Then I put my wonderful warm Bog Bots, after that I put my furey pink hat on, Then last of all I put on my puffy, warm, Black, mittens.  I finily was all ready to go out side when all the suden.  ”FG what are you doing?  It’s five in the morning!” “Yeah I know it’s five and I am going outside.  Just look how beauitiuful it is!” “Anyway have you eaten Breakfast?” “Yes ummmmmm NO……but I am not hungrey.” “You should eat before you go outside….and that is not a choice.”  ”fine.”  ”I am going back up to Bed so your on your own.”  ”OK!”  After that I cooked up some yummy yellow fresh chiken eggs and some wonderful crispy brown backon.  After that finlly I started to go outside….when I tool a step out I said ” Oh my gosh!  This is….the best…..THING I HAVE SEEN SENSE LOBSTER!!!!!!”

Love that kid!


jean said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! Eggs and bacon sound pretty good, too. Love the header photo. You caught your dog just in his moment of time :)

JTW said...

The windows of my soul I throw
wide open to the sun.
~John Greenleaf Whittier

GreyWolf said...

A free spirit indeed, and a beautiful one at that.

doglady said...

I've done the Cat O Ninetails thing in the winter as a grown woman. Yes it is great fun to watch the wind carry it away.

goatgirl said...

That's a great kid to love!