Thursday, December 8, 2011

My girl’s thoughts on the animals


Each week the kids are expected to do a writing prompt.  We started out the year following the directions in the book.  It assigned the kids a given topic and they wrote about that specific subject in their journals.  Then the kids talked me into giving them  prompts that I came up with.  That worked for a while but know we’ve evolved to something I think works best.   The kids make up their own prompts.  They write about things they are most interested in sharing at that given moment.  Their writings are longer and fueled with more passion.  The sweet thing about homeschooling is that as my kids say “you can break the rules” in order to do what you works best. 

I couldn’t resist sharing this one.  Written verbatim(spelling and all)

What are the animals you have?  Why do you enjoy them?  And out of all your animals wich five Do you enjoy Best?  And what do you Dislike about them?

I have tons of animals.  I have Ducks, chickens, Dogs, Pigs, rabbits, cats, a goat, and………..a lizard!  I enjoy the ducks Because they swim, they have very cute Ducklings, sometimes they will walk in staright lines, they Don’t eat the garden, and they eat a lot of Bugs.  I Dislike the Ducks beause when  they have Duckling they really won’t let you get withen 5 or 10 feet of them but if you Do she  will chase you like a mad woman.

I enjoy the chickens beause they lay eggs to eat or hach.  I Dislike the chickens Beause they eatthe garden, most rosters are mean and ours it pretty mean so when you get near his heans and he is loss you better run!

I like the Dogs beause they will lick you, they will let you pat them, they will scare of a lot of things like racons, skunks, and more that are in your front yard at night, they will run with you, and they will play with you.  I Dislike the Dogs or should I say Dog beause 1 of my Dogs will shake nonstop for hours and hours on end when it tunders and lighnings and will keep you up at night.

I enjoy the pigs Beause 1 I caught at my last pig scrable I could every do, they root up places for gardens.  they eat leftover food that we Don’t eat, and they are very organised if they are inside (wich only my pig is inside).  I Dislike the pigs well I should say the two outside beause they litterly live to be feed and are very sloopy. 

I like my rabbits beause they are sooooo cute, they live like…….on there on there own meaning they find there food and water, and they are so fluffy!  I Dislike the Bunnys beause they bit, scratch, and they won’t let you pick them up.  I like the cats beause there nice, beautiful, And the will catch rodents.  Dislike the cats beause they kill flying squils wich are pretty rare in Maine. 

I like our goat AKA Dolly beause she will eat anything(littly). she’s furry, and fun to play with.  I Dislike Dolly AKA the goat beause she is hard to walk beause sometims she won’t follow you. 

And I love our lizard AKA levi beause he is wonderful, nice, will just hang on you, he eats a lot of things, he’s friendly, and……………….theres nothing to Dislike about him! 

That is what I think of all the animal but the five I really love are………………………………………………………………………………………………………The cats!  The Dogs!  The Goat! The Rabbits!  And The…………………….LIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s all!

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RobynLouise said...

Love it! What a great story/report on the animals :).