Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Farm Happenings


Winter is near yet we still seem to find ourselves with an endless to-do list.  We have almost all the wood in the barn before the cold weather is upon us.  We’ve rendered all the lard from our cow.  My crockpot ran for 3 days straight but now I have plenty of fat for soap making.  I’m attempting to make apple cider vinegar for the first time.  It will be months before I know if it was a success.  I’ve  also located a  a temporary boyfriend for Dolly, a Nubian buck. We will be picking him up at the end of the week.  You know what that means?….spring babies and a goat back in milk….Yeah!


What I haven’t been doing….dusting, folding laundry.

Maybe in my next life my house will be clean Winking smile


Anonymous said...

No more goat kids or goat milk here anymore!


Danni said...

That last picture is HILARIOUS!
Is that a kitty at your house? Is that ginormous MOOSE HEAD in your house?! :-)
That's one of those photos you could enter in a contest and probably win. lol
And, boy, do I know the feeling of never gettin' it all done. Solidarity, sister. :-)

Country Girl said...

Danni, Yes it is in our house. MM shot it a few years back. I loved the picture except the cob webs and dustly plant....lol.

doglady said...

Don't you know the saying? "You fight dirt all your life and when you die they bury you in it".
I love the moose. So Maine

warren said...

The moose...hilarious!

Stevie said...

You already have a Nubian buck lined up?! Good for you! I have been making calls for months and have decided I will have to purchase my own Nubian buckling this spring. It is just too humiliating ot be running a dateing service for my goats. Especially when no one seems interested. I just don't have the heart to break it to the girls.....
Stevie @ ruffledfeathersandspilledmilk.com

Andrew Mooers said...

Neat image and cats do like to climb. Glad I stumbled on to your blog posts. I own a farm, grew up on one and can appreciate the work, labor of love.