Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greens into November


These pictures were taken in the greenhouse a few days after our first snowfall.  The tomato plants died off but we left the tomatoes on to ripen.  We were eating them up until about 1 week ago. …til the frost made them mush.  My Dad ate some tomatoes from the greenhouse from the 3rd week of October.  He said “those were the best tomatoes I ‘ve ever eaten in my life” ….and he is no Spring chicken. 

Thankful for the power of solar heat and Maine Man, my garden hero!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lovely full greenhouse! Did you plant you food in there, or did your husband build the hoops over it?

Kelly said...

Beautiful. It seems like everything just tasts better out of season. Like our minds know we shouldn't be able to eat this and it tasts soooo good.

Anonymous said...

We just picked some Swiss Chard or Kale from our garden today, my Dad is making cold frames for them now.


Little Messy Missy said...

I love that you can eat greens in then winter. So jealous!!

Country Girl said...

LHMBIY - The hoops have been up for a couple years now. MM has raised beds in there.

Your right Kelly

GP, we didn't plant Kale this year and I missed it. Just ate some tasty Kale chips the other day that a friend made.

LMM, not quite winter yet but it is late in the season.

warren said...

Hey, I just noticed your bee header image and it is awesome!