Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy…..but true!


It’s hard to believe but I picked these carrots, beets, and turnips in our unheated greenhouse last night.  Those are the only 3 crops left until Maine Man starts planting in March.  I sooooo look forward to fresh greens.  The vegetables are no longer growing but in a dormant state.  The carrots are as sweet as candy and we will soon see how the beets & turnip taste.   Who says you can’t grow vegetables in a Maine winter?


P.S I’ve decided to continue posting here as well  Bangor Daily News.  It only takes a few extra minutes.  I just CAN’T give up blog spot for a few reasons:

1) The connections I’ve made here

2) For easier retrieval purposes (I often find myself going back to find recipes and how-to’s)

3) At the end of each year I make a book of this blog.  I make it for my non-technological  friends & family  to read and I like to have a hard copy for myself.  I think my kids really appreciate this when they are older.  I am not sure that the other format would work for that.   


RobynLouise said...

There's a hearty soup in that lot with some barley or other grain added! They look delicious.

Anonymous said...

We have veggies growing in our garden and our weather can get quite cold and snowy in our valley but my Dad made cold frames for the plants though.


Humble wife said...

woohoo! I am impressed!


doglady said...

And think how much we will appreciate the tender fresh greens of spring.

warren said...

I am so glad you are still posting here...I am just lazy.

Any chance you would do a post on how you make the book? I think it would be a fun gift for my people too

Poppy said...

Fantastic! It's very exciting to see your harvest from your greenhouse! My husband just built a frame for a greenhouse against our garage and we will be finishing it soon. I can't wait until I'm able to harvest in the dead of winter!