Sunday, October 2, 2011

For the Love of Mother Nature


The kids captured several caterpillars, identified them, made them cozy homes and supplied them with plenty of food.  In addition they named every one of them.   What happened from there per Country Boy… “They ate for a couple days, they slowed down, they either wrapped themselves up with their leaves or they formed a chrysalis, then in 2-3 weeks they hatch into a butterfly or moth.”

Pictured above was “Rose” the very first Monarch Butterfly to be hatched in our old farmhouse.  It was a VERY cool experience to be a part of.  As soon she hatched we brought her outside, watched her dry her wings and before long she took flight up above in the maple tree. 


A simple everyday encounter that we normally take for granted.  Who would have ever thought that witnessing this metamorphosis would touch our souls so deeply.


Anonymous said...

How nice!


Swamp Dog said...

When I read the description of your blog I thought 'no way'. You can't farm in Maine. You can only grow Christmas trees and Lobsters (Ummm, Lobsters) but you seem to be doing OK. Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading along.