Thursday, October 27, 2011

300 miles in 3 months update


I am nearing the end of my 4th week and I have fallen a little behind but am currently working on catching up.  As of tonight I am 72 miles into this competition (against who I don’t know…lol).  By the end of this week technically I should be well into my 100th mile.  Sometimes life circumstances come first .  Maine Man’s dad recently became very ill  and passed away.  The blessing of this unfortunate situation is that he is no longer suffering, he is in a place of rest, a better place I’m sure!

I feel better emotionally & physically but I’ve yet to loose an ounce.  My big girl jeans are still fitting just as snug when this all started.  However, I am hopeful that I will someday squeeze back into my skinny jeans.    

Jodi from Living the Road Less Traveled has joined along and her last update is here.  She is also one crafty chicky, you should check her out. 

Anna from Dragonfly Hill is also doing the challenge although honestly this is something I think she does on a regular basis.  She kicks butt and honestly looks fantabulous!

Yart from Grim Wythe Farm also mentioned she was in.  I was just pawing through her previous posts to see if there were any 300 miles updates….didn’t see any but a lot of other good information I’m interested in and hope to return to when I have more time.  You see when I first started blogging it was just reading them, then it evolved into reading lots of blogs and writing a little, now I find I have very little time to write or read them.  Funny how that all worked out!

Will update on this again sometime soon.  New joiners WELCOME.    Next post will be of our Apple Cider Pressing Party and a book review to follow. 


GreyWolf said...

Hey congrats on the 72 miles.
And yes life does have a way to mess up our plans. A little curve here and road block there, a pit or a fork in the road. But its how you work around them and don't give up that matters. So what if your behind your goal right now, you have plenty of time left. And remember that its not wether you win or lose but how you play the game. Chin up girl, them skinny jeans will wait for ya.

Jodi said...

Great work! I've fallen behind a little as well. Too much, but I haven't given up yet! (64 miles in.) The weather doesn't cooperate with my schedule very well. :-(
My sympathies on Maine Man's father.

Kelly said...

Yep life does have a way of changing our plans. It won't be long to get back on track. Our sympathies on MM's dad.

Dragonfly Hill said...

I'm still in !!!! Had the flu, get your shot, wash your hands !!