Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pure Insanity!

Well...at least that is what I was thinking when I showed up at my last Bee Keeping class.

In the doom and gloom of winter I thought it would be interesting to learn more about these brilliant little creatures so I signed up for a class through adult education. GLAD I did because I had absolutely NO idea how COMPLEX honey bees were. There was 4 classroom lectures and 2 days you could attend work in the field.

When I got out of my car I had not yet dressed in the proper bee keeping attire so I had to walk by this madness. I contemplated loading back up and heading home but I came to my senses.

See that big BEE she is the Queen....without her your in BIG trouble. I was amazed at how easily our instructor could find her in the hive.

He had just received a shipment from Georgia hence all the madness pictured above.

If my hive is built by June (my farmer friend is building it for me...spoiled I know) I will pick up my first Nuke (mini hive w/ a queen) next month. I have everything else I need except a smoker and the hive tool I think.

Pictured above is "Jen the local" who follows and sometimes comments here on my blog. She spoke up at the last class when she saw me grabbing my camera. SO glad she did! It was SO nice to meet someone that reads about our wacky life!

In my simplistic terminology this picture shows a baby bee being born. In bee keepers terms
which is a language of its own, this is a brood or worker bee emerging from cell in the brood chamber. Having ABSOLUTELY NO experience with bees the glossary of my book became my best friend in this class. The other bees help them hatch....isn't that COOL?

I was fully suited, some were not. Just a hood, yikes! One guy had a rope from the front of his hood down between his legs attached to his belt hoop on the back. I SO wanted to take a picture but I did not want to be a menace...LOL! I felt great comfort wearing FULL a suit with out entrances. At this point I was wondering if there were bees on my back like his? Better not knowing I think.

Great Class!

Now we will see if I can put some of what I learned into practice.

Big decisions....what color to paint the hive?

I think Pink! ;)


small farm girl said...

I love honey. I love your pictures of bees. But, to work in bees would give me the hee-bee-gee-bees. lol No thanks, I'll just watch from far away.

Unknown said...

WOw - they more I read about honey bee's, the more amazed I am!

jean said...

You will get used to all the bees. They are not as aggressive as people think. Just as long as you suit up and use your smoker to check on them and harvest honey, you won't get stung much. However, every beekeeper does get a sting once in a while. It only hurts a short while. I wish you the best in your new endeavor. It's well worth it.

warren said...

I always paint my hives the color of "cheap paint at lowes".

Congrats on getting started!

Judy T said...

What a great class! We're hoping to get bees next year. I've taken one class but it was only a few hours. I'll have to see if we have something this extensive around here.

GreyWolf said...

Oh I am so envious, I still can't find classes like that around here.
My orchard is in full bloom and not a bee to be seen. Of course the high winds and cold temps aren't helping either.
I wish you well in your new endevor.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! My Uncle just got some honey bees a couple or so weeks ago.


Lisa said...

Isn't it amazing that with all of the bees flying around that day (around 7 BILLION) no one got stung? Maybe the instructor did-but he was bare handed! :)
Lisa the Local

goatgirl said...

I have been interested in honey bees for awhile now but the class is way up north. Luckily I work with a child at school who's family keeps bees so she bring me good local honey. But I still would love to keep bees and have a pink hive.