Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Farmgirl Home

Home is where my rocker sits,

Home is where my needles knits,

Home is where my heart gives,

Home is where my true loves lives,

Home is where I rake leaves,

Home is where I clean the eaves,

Home is where I make pies and cakes,

Home is where my squash bakes,

Home is laundry on the line,

Home is a pretty clock keeping time,

Home is where and old, wooden box

Hides feathers and cards and special rocks,

Home is where I hang my coat and tack,

Home always says, "Welcome Back,"

Home is "Matilda" in the barn,

Home is a kitten playing with yarn,

Home is where the pantry stores,

Pickles and jam and so much more,

Home is daisies, lettuce, and beets

Home is a freezer filled with meat,

Home watches over my many loves,

Photos, heirlooms, and a wooden dove,

Home is where I close my eyes,

And pray for rain or sunny skies,

Home is where my chickens scratch,

Home is where their babies hatch,

Home looks over stacks of hay,

Harvested now, 'twas grass in May,

Home is where stars shine down,

upon my house and me in my gown,

Home is where I keep myself,

Until I leave this earthy shelf.

Home is Heaven will better be,

But for now, my home here is a haven for me.

This came from this months issue of "Mary Jane Farm" magazine written by Sherry Jespersen

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it and had to share it! Maine Man, the kids, and I are EXTREME homebodies so I could relate to that poem on many levels. There is truly is NO place like home!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I used to be a home body but not much anymore, we've been travelling a lot lately though or on the go.


House Built On Stone said...

I love this poem thank you so much for sharing it

House Built On Stone said...

I'd just like to thank you again as it inspired me to write this

I have linked to your blog so people can read the original version, I hope this is ok but I just love it so much

Katy said...

I love this.. the last line made me teary! Yes! Heaven will be better than this world's best!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Shouts "Me too!!!".


Country Girl said...

HBOS, glad you shared it on your blog.....never mind if anyone shares things I post!