Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making Treats for our Feathered Friends

Last year for the first time I made some tasty treats for the birds. I posted recipes here.
The other night my girl & I made some without following a recipe.
*We cooked up some pig fat in the oven in my cast iron kettle, the remaining was liquid fat and crackles, I believe that is what they are called. (little pieces of fat)

*Threw the crackles in the processor.*Dug deep into my fridge to find the bacon grease and such I had been saving for the last year or so, against Maine Man's will. Melted it down. He's a bit of a throw away kinda guy and I am a save it kinda gal. I just know I will find a use for it someday! Hence why I do the recycling, as painful as it can be.

*Threw in some bird seed, a bit of cracked corn, a few tablespoons of peanut butter. Mixed it all together and dished it out into pans and plastic containers of all sizes.

I was wishing I had saved a bunch of those plastic containers you get when you buy suet blocks in the store. I only had 1 and it was perfect for this project. Maybe I will put something on Facebook and see if my bird feeding friends will save some for me.

*Set the containers in the barn overnight

*Perfectly hardened! Popped the suet blocks out of the containers. Placed one outside for the birds and the rest in the freezer.

Little Messy but FUN!


~Deb~ said...

Nice...I make suet for my birds also and have found the sandwich size plastic containers to be just about the perfect size for my suet cage, and three or four of them is only a couple of bucks at walmart. I reuse them over and over for making the suet in the winter.

warren said...

So cool! We used to make stuff like this when i was growing up! Yours look great and I know the birds love it! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Jon and Jon made suet pinecone bird treats this past week...they are hanging in the trees everywhere around the yard :-) They used peanut butter and this very very very old lard we found in the cabinet!!!! the woodpeckers really like them. M.Bonner

Anonymous said...

Neat! That is a project I've been wanting to do with the boy, but lately barn building has been the priority. ;)

Adkins Family farm said...

You have some lucky birds. The suet blocks look great. My wife and I are going to try the recipe. We have some birds here with bottomless pits.

Country Girl said...

Deb, I did use what I had of them and I think your right, I bet they will fit perfect.
Thanks Warren.
Michelle, to funny. I bet he liked doing that. I couldn't get my boy to help out.
MFG, if you need some pig fat I have plenty and will share.
Adkins Family, great glad to see someone else using the recipe, very easy and cost effective.

Farmer Jen said...

Great idea! I will try this fun project.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!


GreyWolf said...

I have made this using venison fat and the birds really went crazy for it. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Little Messy Missy said...

Thanks for sharing t he recipe!!

Jennifer Samountry said...

I love this thank you so much for sharing! I am going to link this to my blog post today.