Monday, March 28, 2011

Growing Mushrooms in Maine

I have been wanting to grow mushrooms for a couple years now since seeing Shitake mushrooms at the Common Ground Fair. A vendor had logs displayed and a never ending line-up of people paying good money for fried Shitake mushrooms.

Looking back in my archives I even have a picture of them on a post I did in Oct 09'.If your a fellow Mainer you may find that post useful as it displays local mushrooms and where they are found. The last picture on that post is of the Shitake's growing on the logs.

I bought the above plugs at a local market for $30 for 200 they came from Oyster Creek Mushroom Company. We planted approximated 3/4 of them and gave the rest away to a friend.

We made it a family event... melted down some paraffin wax. You are suppose to use a double boiler, but who follows directions...really?

Maine Man gathered Oak logs approx 4 ft long and directions said 4- 8 inches in diameter, 1 tree was sacrificed in the making of this project. Drilled the holes w/ a 5/16th bit every 8" evenly spaced around the log. Then the we all took turns pounding the inoculated dowels in the holes, making them flush with the log. Lasly we sealed the plugs with some melted wax. Easy & Fun project to do with the kids! They stayed up an hour past their bedtime helping out. Now the logs will be stacked in a shady area in a square rick or log cabin formation. We should be able to harvest twice a year, Spring & Fall. I will be sure to update our progress on growing mushrooms in the future.


icebear said...

I'll look into that link of your post in '09. I have been wanting to try it myself and had planned to experiment with indoor growing through this winter but never got to do it. I have a few spots in the yard that i think would be great to try growing mushrooms, but it might be hard to convince the hubby. I'll enjoy seeing how it goes for you through the seasons.

Adkins Family farm said...

I love mushrooms and I think I'm going to find some more info on planting them. I can't wait until the morels come up. Roll them in flower and fry to a golden brown. So good.

I also wanted to say I love your header picture. The Scottish Highland breed is what we're going to raise here on the farm. Great breed of cattle.

Anonymous said...

My Dad bought my Mom a mushroom growing kit with a variety of mushrooms in it in '09 I think.


trashmaster46 said...

We had a portabello kit a few years back we had good luck with. When the season was up, we dumped it on the side yard, figuring it was all finished. We've had two extra seasons of portabellos there so far!

Elle Mental said...

I have been looking into growing shitaki mushrooms, since we recently took down some huge branches on a old oak tree. I am a little nervous though about what else might grow (unwanted fungi that may be toxic...) I think I will take a bash at it though and buy a fungi identification guide for good measure!

Akannie said...

Thanks for the info...I live in Illinois, and have been thinking about growing mushrooms for EVER. Still haven't done it though...we do have lots of morels and shitakes and others that grow wild around these parts.

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