Sunday, October 31, 2010

~Just for Fun~

For the record I'll admit it....I have a slight magazine fetish. I get a lot of great ideas from them. Remember the Community Treasure Chest I started back in May 09', that was started after I read about it in a magazine. A year and a half later and we still have 2 totes in continuous circulation. It is a really cool way to recycle, re-purpose, and re-use while bonding with friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers. I posted here about as well if you are a new reader and would like to learn more about it.
Several months ago I read an article in Mary Jane Farm magazine about a group of ladies called the "Dining Divas". They meet once a month alternating homes bringing together local, organic, homemade food. Immediately I was inspired! Instead of doing it at home I decided to start something at my work place. This was the beginning of the "X-Rayted Dining Divas" named so as I work in the radiology department. Every month we pick a theme such as: Mexican, Soups/Salads, Chili/Crock Pot cook-off and I post a sign up with different categories: appetizer, main dish, dessert, paper products etc. So far every monthly luncheon has proven to be a success. Hope I inspire someone to do the same. Would love to hear what fun activities you do at your workplace!

Another GREAT thing my department is doing is sponsoring the man my old farmer friend and I deliver weekly groceries as our "Christmas Family". I am SO excited to get all the goodies (blankets, boots, matches, lighters, lanterns etc) gathered and delivered on Christmas day. I will definitely take some pictures and post about it here!


Bookncoffee said...

Oh I LOVE the idea of the treasure chest. What a NEAT thing! I may have to get something like that started here. There are so many things that we just donate to Good Will which is fine, but it would be interesting to do this and help one another out as friends. I'm so glad that I read your blog today. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You inspire me.......Thank you for all you do and the great post. (this is Jenn Pelletier) not sure how to sign in but i will keep tring

Country Girl said...

Sonya, it is a lot of fun. I still donate a bunch but I always have a pile of goodies waiting to put in the tote.

Thanks Jenn, Signing in under anonymous is just fine just sign Jenn at the end so I know it is you. Thanks again, very sweet of you!

Mandie said...

That is very inspiring. Sounds like fun too!