Sunday, September 6, 2009

Community Treasure Chest Rant

So if you haven't started the tote thing in your community...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about read here or I mentioned a bit about it on the bottom of this post.

The above picture shows goodies that I received from 2 totes this summer. Free & clear!! Imagine that? 2 pr of crocks, leather shoes for Momma, cookbooks (can't have enough of them, can you?), several pair of earrings for Flower Girl (just in time for school), magazines (even 1 for Maine Man), recyclable grocery totes, chain lube & wire, LL bean shirt for moi, and shorts for my girl.

So here is my tally of what I have obtained while doing this tote thing since May 09'

Keep in mind I am involved in 3

3 pr of shoes

12 pr of earrings

7 books

1 pr of curtains

5 pr of jeans/pants/capris

knot tying book/kit

1 hat

5 shirts

3 vases

1 necklace

1 dvd

1 book on cd

1 scarf

3 candles

1 pampered chef dish set

gameboy w/ 5 games

candle holder, decorative jars, Christmas cards, recyclable bags, chain lube & more.....

All with virtually no work involved. Many of the items above were not necessarily for me but I knew someone who could use them. For example the curtains went on the kids "fort" windows, the unused x-mas cards I gave to my MIL, the crocks I passed on to my niece.

If you are frugal, resourceful, looking to recycle I encourage you to start one up. I shared this idea with a co-worker who is involved in her town's recycling committee, come fall they are planning to go town-wide with this project.

It has been a fun experience and I hope that it continues on. I will admit there are times when I have received the totes and there was a whole lot of junk in them. The circulation of the totes have slowed down a bit over the summer. Me the rule maker has been involved in breaking the rules. I had 1 tote well over a week... but gardens, camping, life got in the way. Excuses.

I hope this post inspires just one of you to start one up, in your workplace, church, your neighborhood.

*Side note: For obvious reasons from here on out I have decided to refer to my daughter as Flower Girl(FG) and my boy as Country Boy(CB).


Anonymous said...

Lots of nice goodies!


Country Girl said...

Yes, I always look forward to getting it. There has never been a time I did not find something for someone!

De Peaslee said...

Wow! Has it really been this long since I've visited your site? I love your greenhouse.
I've shared your post about the 'Community Treasure Chest' on this site, Check it out.